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I went on a trip to Guam this week with my friend. It’s been a while since I went overseas. I amazingly enjoyed myself and I was able to get myself refreshed so much. I could see clownfishes in beautiful sea of Guam for the first time and I was just chilling out by seaside whole day. So I fully enjoyed a tropical country itself. There were so many Asian tourists there and local people spoke Japanese very frequently ( I was really surprised that a local bus driver said “Mairimasu”, it means “we are heading off” in Japanese when leaves.), it was too comfortable to feel the best part of journey so that I could not have the feel of differences culture-wise with my own country. Also it did not tickle my adventurous spirit very much. But if you want to go overseas though you think that it sounds scary a little and actually wanting to get refreshed at place like that then I recommend “Guam”. I guess I was hooked to go abroad because of this trip so that I am going to save money to go for it regularly.




Today’s artist is “Amia Calva” from Kyoto. This band is a 4 piece band and formed by Gt and Vo.  Tsutsumi sabawo, Gt. Nozue Takahiro, Bass. Tomoko, and Drum. Wakamatsu. They have been active from 2009. I searched how they formed on the Internet but there were not any informations about that and I could not know the details. Since I just came back from a Guam trip, their genre-less, free and retro sound very fit my feeling. So I decided to write an article about them.


京都発の“Amia Calva”。 Gt.Vo 堤サバヲ、Gt ノズエタカヒロ、Ba ともこ、Dr ワカマツで結成される4ピースバンド。2009年より活動されているようで、結成の経緯を調べてみたものの分からず、大学のサークルで結成されたとか。カテゴライズされない自由な音楽とレトロなゆる〜い感じが、グアム帰りの筆者の感覚にとても心地良いなと思い執筆することに。


Especially, I got hooked on the voice of vocal “Retro” which is a song that has been included in their album named “Umino nai machi” and I really like it. 





The name of their band mean a kind of freshwater fish called amia-calva as well. I am not sure that their band name expresses their own music, but I thought the floating sound as if it expresses a fish swimming in the deep sea. This is pretty cool.








Web Magazine “Antenna” 


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