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This is the following of my previous article about Guam trip. I could timely go to a night market in a town where I visited. The night market is held once a week, only on Wednesday. There were a lot of conventional stalls and souvenir stalls at the night market. Especially among those, I found sophisticated woman and her accessory stall in a quietly corner of the night market. She was selling antique style accessories which might be made by herself and she also made ad-lib accessories tailor-made for each customer’s needs there.

I looked around her beautiful accessories, and then I heard that an Asian tourist asked her whether credit card could be used for payment at the her stall. She answered yes to the tourist and then I was really surprised that she used her iPhone as a credit terminal. I thought it was pretty smart and cool and I knew there were a lot of tools like these so that an individual easily do business.
I somehow thought of myself that the concept of working have already been changed as technology advances.




Today’s artist is “kumagusu“. This band is 4 piece band which was formed by guitar. INOUE Y, guitar. Yamasaki, bass. MOJYA, and drum. SUZUKI. The origin of the name of their band is a Japanese mycologist , Minakata Kumagusu.


今日ご紹介するのは”Kumagasu“という、井上Y、山崎、モジャ、鈴木で結成される4ピースバンド。 “Kumagasu”というバンド名は、粘菌学の研究等で有名な南方熊楠が由来となっているそうです。



I think their music is psychedelic but is also refined style like a NYC band, “tonstarssbandht” who will come to Japan this month. I like their sense of music that is combined conflicting styles and sounds like saggy but barely cool. They are exactly projecting the style they want.





Their own interview




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