Vol. 136 SHOKO

Recently, the temperature has gradually gone down and it become more autumn-ish. So I am really sleepy. I do not know whether the reason of my sleepiness is Autumn or tiredness from the heat left from the summer.

I went to a gig of Tonstartssbandht at Batica in Ebisu while rubbing my drowsy eyes the other day. The gig was really awesome. I thought there was no one that could handle music with perfect freedom like them and I was at the mercy of their whimsical performance for the whole time but I was so excited. After their gigs finished, I got their pretty cute autographs on their records as for my treat. I have an affection for a character wearing sunglasses of andy’s autograph. The worldview of Andy who had flabby belly and wore a very high-waisted and worn-out skinny denim and Edwin who put on a playful bucket hat and had a beautiful voice, they totally rocked.


気温も随分と下がり秋っぽくなってきたせいか、夏の疲れか分かりませんが、毎日眠い筆者です。先日、仕事終わりに恵比寿baticaで行われたtosstarssbandhtのライブに行ってきました。眠い目を擦りながら行ったのですが、とても素晴らしいライブでした。彼らほど、音楽を自由自在にに操れる人っていないんじゃないかなと思いますし、彼らの自由さに終始振り回される感じなのですがそれがとても楽しい。笑 ライブ終了後には、レコードにとっても可愛いサインを頂きました。アンディのサインのサングラスをかけたハートのキャラクターがとてもお気に入り。少したるんだお腹にハイウエスト過ぎるボロボロのスキニーを履いたアンディとお茶目なバケットハットを被ったビューティフルボイスなエドウィンの世界観がとても最高でした。




Today’s artist is “SHOKO” who performed as an opening act for the gig of Tonstartssbandht. I slept a bit on a sofa of the back of the venue before the gig started. And just when her performance started, I woke up. I thought her singing figure was pretty cool. I remember that the nostalgic sound and her subdued voice was very comfortable for me. Please check her out.









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