Vol. 140 Jappers

I went to a gig the other day. Just when performance of a certain band started playing as a joint gig, a lot of very fashionable young people bursted in the venue to listen to music of the band. And then, I thought that it was an arresting moment and I envied them that they dressed up completely as if they competed which guys are more fashionable than other. For instance, one of their style was 70’s classic style and some are kind of street style. I felt that for those who was rocking their youth in a middle of the most recent trends seemed to be brilliant for me.

Although I thought I was still young until then because I often read trend magazines as for work of myself and I get to know a lot more of indie bands compared with my friend at the same age, but I noticed that I totally could not keep up with the latest trend at that moment. The most trendy band for me is no longer  the fads for current young people. I, as around 30 girl or I could say a lady, was miserable a little bit. haha.





Today’s artist is “Jappers“. They based their activities in Takahatafudou. I personally think that a part of current Tokyo indie music scenes is inspired by US country music style. They are one of the band who represent that type of music scene. The thicknesses of the sound and the beautiful choruses like discords that only six piece band can make it seem to create the trend-ish country or folk sound. The fascinated sound that I want to listen while sitting down and it was very soothing for me. Please check them out.


本日のアーティストは高幡不動を拠点に活動する”Jappers”。今のインディーシーンにおいて、 USカントリーの流れが強いのかなって個人的に思っているのですが、彼らもそのシーンを代表するバンドの一つ。6人編成ならではの、音の厚みだったり、不協和音ぎりぎりの美しい多重のコーラスがとても今っぽさを演出しているように思えます。思わず座って聴きたくなるような、うっとりした雰囲気がとても良いです。是非チェックしてみてくださいね。







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