Vol. 143 Genuis P.J’s

I realized that half a year have passed since I started to write article on this platform.
Nevertheless, I am still horrible at using English and my article’s content is immature still. So ultimately, I could give up on this writing activities but recently I even feel that it is unnatural for me not to write article and I could have somehow written down all these articles till now. 

It is still the case that the implication of my writing activities on this platform is just for improving my writing and english skills. However, I would love to be useful for artist whom I have written or readers of this platform one day and I am also going to study little by little from now on.


気がつくと、このブログを書き始めて約半年が経っていました。とはいっても、英語はまだまだ下手くそですし、内容も未熟なもので、究極のところ辞めてしまうこともできるのですが、最近は書かないことの方がが不自然にも感じるようなってきて、なんとか続いております。笑 まだまだ自分の為の執筆という意味合いが大きいのが現状ですが、いつかはここに書かせて頂いてるアーティストの方々や読者の方のお役に立つことができたら嬉しいなぁと思っているので、これからもちびちびと頑張っていきたいです。


I went to Shimokitazawa the other day. It has been quite a while since I have been there. So I felt shimokitazawa has changed a lot. There were many unique individually owned shops there. There were many shops like a bar or a coffee shop which I would like to go into then. I had so much fan.




Today’s artist is “Genius P.J’s“. This Hip Hop band is 2 piece duo which is formed by Kazz a.k.a chamois, MC. and Kuroda Seiichi, key, programming, and guitar.

When I watched their gig, they were dressed like Rock musician and Kazz, MC. perfectly set his hair and it was very impressive for me that Kazz humbly said that “We could not do smart music but please listen to our music. Their music was very emotional and hardcore-sound with lyrics which have strong massages as if their music was driven by their established view of the world.

They performed along with drum at this time. I feel that HipHop which used along with instrument is somehow warm and I like it very much . Please check them out.


今日のアーティストはGenius P.J’s。MCのKazz a.k.a chamoisとkey, programming, guitarのクロダセイイチの2人組HIPHOPバンド。







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