Vol. 144 Individualist “Chptr 12 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Nakane-san “Ren” on  “Individualist “Chptr 12 and Vrs 1”.

Japanese state of mind. That’s what I have been thinking of through entire time with this platform. Most of us as Japanese do not even care about who we really are I assume. but once you are actually exposed to different culture, you can’t help but to think about it just even for a second.

Are we really this xenophobic? or is it just a lame to be thankful to this influx of influence that we have received over a decade?  If we are so grateful and thankful for western culture that we receive so many stuff out of it then we should not be crawling under our own agenda that we are hesitant to interact and show how much we are blessed?

One satire that I have received from one of my interviewee mentioned about a fact that Japanese might be the actual poser without knowing that we are. 









“Anything such as things, languages, sounds, and entities, whatever they are, the definition of creativity would be something that is intentionally shaped as an outcome. It depends on people whether they are satisfied with their own outcome or seek and share for reaction.”


Ren 7


IO) あなたにとって日本語と英語とはなんでしょうか?

中根さん) 使い慣れた金鎚と、慣れない金槌のようなもの。何かを表現する上で必要なツール。道具。


IO) What does Japanese and English (your own tongue) mean to you?

Nakane-san) I could say that a hammer that I have been using for a long time and a hammer that I don’t get used to use. They are tools to describe something.


IO) 日本はどんな場所か。日本人とは誰であり何か(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして)

中根さん) 海外を多く訪れた事が無いので比較は出来ませんが、ものづくりの視点からすると歴史の中で先人が少しずつ発展させた技術や素材が今も残っているものが多く、文化的にも様々な美意識があり、アウトプットもインプットもしやすい環境にあると思います。極論、私が作っているようなものは贅沢品であり、生きて行く中で必需品ではありませんが、それでも手に取って下さる豊かさ(色々な意味で)もあります。技術や素材、文化に恵まれた土地だと思います。


IO) What does Japan, being Japanese or being a Japanese descendant mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Nakane-san) I have only been overseas few times so that I cannot compare Japan with any other countries but I think that as a craft making point of view, the techniques and materials that our predecessors had been gradually developed in history still remain until this day and culture-wise, Japan also has various kind of aesthetics and it is easier for us to receive them as input and express as an outcome. Logically, my work would be a product as luxury to own, not as daily necessity as to live. Even though I find my work as that, Japan is where people find that to hold in their hand as affluence in many senses. Japan is the land of blessing with techniques, materials, and culture I suppose.


IO) 日本や日本人の良いところと悪いところはありますか?

中根さん) この質問の答えを考えた時、一般的に良く言われる「真面目過ぎる、社交辞令が多い、シャイ、手先が器用。」という我々が耳にしている事や、個人的には日本の大和言葉や四季があるおかげか日本人の持つ独特の色彩感覚が好きだったりするなと思い浮かびました。ですが、日本や日本人の良い所や悪い所として挙げる程多くの外国や外国人の方と接していないので、比べようが無く、なんとも言えないですね。


IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, Japanese descendants, and Japanese culture?

Nakane-san) When it comes to actually think about this question, I thought that it is generally said that these images of us being such as 「too earnest, too many diplomatic ways of putting things, shy, and the delicacy of touch」 which we often hear. Personally, I like an ancient Japanese language and I also like the fact that we have our unique sense of color because Japan has four seasons. Those are what I came up with firsthand. However, As I mentioned before, I am no good to list up what is good or bad about Japan because I only have few encounter with western people and get to know a little bit of western culture so I can’t say anything definite about it yet.


Ren 6


IO) 日本人として西洋の文化(アメリカ、フランス、イタリア等)への憧れや尊敬、または日本の文化に対する憧れや尊敬は感じていますか?

中根さん) どちらもあります。多種多様、本来の日本の文化に色々な国の表面的な文化が入り混じり、それが今の日本の文化を作っているのかと。西洋文化への憧れというよりも、今の日本を知る為にもそれぞれの文化に興味があり、生まれた土地として先人の残した日本の文化や成り立ちには興味、尊敬を感じます。


IO) As a Japanese/Japanese descendants, for you have any ambition, envy, aspirations against western (U.S. for example) or Japanese cultures? How has Western/Japanese culture influenced you and your creativity? 

Nakane-san) I do have both. So many different surface-level cultures from various countries had emerged with our traditional culture so that our modern culture had been created. I would say that in order to get to know the modern Japaneseness, I have an interest in each every culture and also I have a respect to how Japan; as the land of where I was born, its culture that our predecessors have developed over thousand of years than having an aspiration toward western culture.


IO) 日本のおかしなところはありますか?

中根さん) ハロウィンがあり、クリスマスがあったかと思えば、すぐ正月に初詣をする。洋式の結婚式が多いのに和式のお葬式が多く。ごちゃまぜな文化。


IO) Is there anything you find strange about Japan as a Japanese/Japanese (American/Canadian/Brazilian)

Nakane-san) We have Halloween, Christmas, and soon to go to shrines to make wishes for the coming year at New Year’s Day. A lot of us want to have western way of wedding ceremony despite the fact that we have so many Japanese style funeral based on our religions. All mixed up together.


IO) 宗教の観点からしてもごちゃまぜになっていると思います。これに付随する考えはございますか?このごちゃまぜに関してはどうお考えですか?

中根さん) そうですね。宗教的な観点からもごちゃまぜですね。ごちゃまぜな所も日本の文化の一部だと思いますし、良いと思います。


IO) All mixed up together in terms of religion as well. Any thoughts o that? What do you think about the fact that we all mixed up together?

Nakane-san) Indeed. Everything is mixed up together from a religious standpoint. That is actually a part of Japanese culture and I think it is not a problem.


Ren 8


IO) クリエイティブの定義。

中根さん) ものや言葉、音、事など何であれ意図してアウトプットされたものはクリエイティブなものだと思っています。そのアウトプットしたものに対して自分だけで満足するか、誰か他の人にも共感や反応を得る事を求めるかは人それぞれですが。


IO) What is your definition of creativity? How would you define creativity?

Nakane-san) Anything such as things, languages, sounds, and entities, whatever they are, the definition of creativity would be something that is intentionally shaped as an outcome. It depends on people whether they are satisfied with their own outcome or seek and share for reaction.


IO) ご自身では満足される方ですか?それとも共感や反応を得る事を求める方ですか?後者だと考えていますがいかがでしょうか?

中根さん) もちろん生業としてものづくりをしているので後者ですね。自分の中の好きなものだけなく、使う人の事も考えますし、自分自身で値段をつけているので様々な意味で共感や反応を求めています。


IO) Are you the one who satisfied with yourself about your outcome? Or the one who seek or share reaction? I believe you are the latter. What do you think?

Nakane-san) There is no doubt that I am the latter because I do this for living. I would think about users, not just about my preference and also I am the one who assign a price to my work so that I am seeking for reaction and I would love share ideas with my customer in many senses.


IO) 人生とは一言/ 一文で何ですか?

中根さん) 旅


IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

Nakane-san) Journey


IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策。

中根さん) これは今自分自信の課題でもありますが、オリジナリティ。


IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

Nakane-san) Originality. This is addressed as my challenge for now and I need to cope with it.


IO) 注目している人、ものは?

中根さん) 身の周りにあるようなささやかな事から、色々気になっている人やものはありますが、ここに書く為に絞れないというのが正直なところです。


IO) Something that you are currently into? What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

Nakane-san) There are few mere things around me and people or something that draws my attention to but I can’t narrow them down for now to be honest.


Ren 10


Ren Nakane “Ren Craftwork”


Copyright of Pictures (C) Ren All Rights Reserved.


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