Vol. 145 Individualist “Chptr 13 and Vrs 1”

As I explore this influx of information from the Internet, I met up with this entity. Comical, yet cynical and satire logos and kitsch design drew my attention not to hesitate to get in touch with person behind this at-first-sight as T-shirt brand. As simple as he could be, he kindly answered my questions. Sometimes my questions were irrelevant and out of nowhere type of questions.. That was actually what he thought and I could definitely give him a hard time to read them through to think about what he had to say. I should have been more prepared to give someone questions…. My apologies for that. Anyways, He definitely gave me a new perspective as to pursue what I do so thank to him and hope I can reach out to him again.






Islander’s Orb 以下 IO) あなたは誰ですか?(ご自身の解釈でお答えください。オンとオフのような形があればぜひ!例:革職人、スポーツマン等)。出身も教えてください。

山川 a.k.a Takesickさん 以下山川さん) クリエイターだと思います。出身は埼玉です。


IO) Who are you? Please tell us about yourself. (Please tell us about how you interpret this question)

Yamakawa-san) I guess I am a creator. I was born in Saitama


IO) ブランド、会社、アートワーク、自身の行いの概要等をお願いします。(説明文、コンセプトなど

山川さん) 「立ち止まらせる」をコンセプトに、日常生活で感じた事や好きな事を時にシニカルに、時にアイロニーに好き勝手自由にTシャツ等で表現しています。僕がデザインしたTシャツ等がコミュニケーションのきっかけとなれば幸いです。




IO) Please describe yourself with detail in regards to your occupation, your concept in your creation, explanation of yourself regarding to what you do, your entities etc..

Yamakawa-san) Along with my concept “bring someone up short”, my work illustrates daily life of mine and something that I like in a cynical and ironical way with T-shirts and such. Whenever I feel like making it, I create my work. Hopefully my work will be a trigger to start a communication for those who purchased.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションを始めた具体例やきっかけはありますか?

山川さん) JR東日本で車掌をしていて、会社を辞めてから色々と模索していた時にTシャツデザインコンテストに参加した事をきっかけにデザインする事を始めました。


IO) How did you start to form your own identity? What motivated you?

Yamakwaka-san) I used to be a train conductor and after I resigned my company “East Japan Railway Company”, I started to design and have my own company because of participation at T-shirts design contest when I was exploring many ways to something that I want to do.


IO) ご自身の姿勢、指針、行動、存在やクリエーションにおいての影響をうけたものは何ですか?(インスピレーション等、具体例。)

山川さん) 特に思い浮かびません。ごめんなさい。




IO) Who/What inspires you?

Yamakawa-san) I do not have anything particular for my work. Sorry.


IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいですか?

山川さん) こうなって欲しい等は一切思いません。好きに楽しんで貰えたらそれだけでいいです。


IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers.

Yamakawa-san) I do not have anything to wish for those who purchased my work. Enjoy with my work however they want. That is all I wish for,


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションのトレンドと傾向やその後の未来像はありますか?

山川さん) 未来は考えていません。今が大事なので、その時その時に有意義にクリエーションする事を考えています。




IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future?

Yamakwaka-san) I do not have any future plan for now. I value on present so that I try to make the most of each moment to think and create.


IO) あなたにとって日本語と外国語(英語を主に)とはなんでしょうか?例を挙げて説明してください

山川さん) どちらもただの言葉です。


IO) What does Japanese and English (your own tongue) mean to you?

Yamakawa-san) Both of them are just languages for me.


IO) ただの言葉が指す意図とは何でしょうか?

山川さん) 意図はありません。日本語、外国語で何かしようと思いません。


IO) What do you mean by “just languages” for yourself?

Yamakawa-san) There is no meaning behind them. I have no intention of doing something with them either.




To be continued on next Verse of Individualist…


Yamakawa Takeshi “Panic Junkie” 


Copyright of Pictures (C) “Panic Junkie“. All Rights Reserved.


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