Vol. 146 Takahashi Tom

About 0.8 million spectators came together in Ginza, central of tokyo, to see a parade which Japanese medalists from Rio olympic and Paralympic took part in. I watched the scene of the parade on TV at home while having a tea and thinking about various things.  For instance, I wonder if I will be living in Tokyo until tokyo olympic that will be held in 2020 and also I thought that Ai Fukuhara who is a famous table tennis player in japan had become a  very beautiful women.
The appearance of Japanese medalists who did fan service for those who have been always cheering  them up and they were having several olympic medals around their neck.  It was really swell.


Today’s artist is “Tom Takahashi” who have acted as a singer songwriter around cafes in tokyo that provide some delicious coffees. Recently, I had been thinking about various things so much that I had a headache. So I was going to reset my thought and I started to find slow music on the internet. And then I found him. I thought that his singing voice is so nice as if it eases my overwhelming brain.
I like his sound because his music is not only just healing someone’s heart who listen to his music but also expressing his obsession with the Japanese lyrics and the sounds as artists. Please check him out.










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Picture’s Copyright (C) Tom Takahashi Rights Reserved.


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