Vol. 150 Smokebees

Some of my favorite bands have come to japan back-to-back for their gigs since last month. Recently I got the information that “The xx” will come to japan in December and I am so psyched about that!!

Though I got many information about gigs of oversea artists, I can not go everything in reality. Especially, “Blonde Redhead” that is one of NY indies rock band also will come to japan this month but I reluctantly had to decide not to go because of another schedule that I already had so I really envy you guys for going to their gig. Did you guys go to any gigs recently?

Today’s artist is “Smokebees”. This band is a bed-room music unit that is formed by Taku Sakudo (Desksnail) and Miki Hirose (Girl President). When I heard their music for the first time, I totally thought that their music somehow comes from overseas. 

Their profiles of facebook is written in both English and Japanese and I was sure that they were very familiar with overseas. When I searched about them on the internet, I realized that Taku Sakudo is living in Denmark and Miki Hirose is living in Tokyo and they were a super long–distance bed-room music unit. I think that many listeners for them are so interested in the story of forming their unit, how to make their music and their way of recording. I believe this is one of their attractive points and I would like to find that out. please check them out.




個人的に好きなバンドの来日が、先月から立て続いています。つい最近も、The xxの来日情報が耳に入り、かなりテンションが上がったところです。とはいっても、現実的には全てのライブに行けるわけでもなく、今月に行われるBlonde Redheadの来日もかなり行きたかったのですが、日程が合わず断念せざるをおえないことに。行かれる方々が本当に羨ましいですね。みなさんは、最近何かライブに行かれましたか?

今日のアーティストは“Smokebees”DesknaillのTaku SakudoGirl PresidentMiki Hiroseで構成された宅録バンドです。彼らの音楽を初めて聞いた時は、てっきり洋楽かと思った程。消え入る様なかすれ声のボーカルがとても癒されます。バンドのFacebookのプロフィールは、英語と日本語で書かれていて、音楽を始め、きっと海外にもかなり精通されている方々ななんだろうなぁと調べていると、Taku Sudoさんはデンマーク在住、Miki Hiroseさんは日本在住と超遠距離宅録バンドでした。結成の経緯や、レコーディング方法など、リスナーの好奇心が擽られる点が多々あるのもこちらのバンドの魅了だと思います。是非チェックしてみてください。





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