Vol. 152 Individualist “Chptr 15 and Vrs 2”

There has been so much stuff that need to be done and I cannot help but to cut out the time to keep doing this platform. Also it would be such a hard to be persistent in doing something. Though I felt that I am a little bit overwhelmed with my shit tons of list that I need to work such as to get in touch with people whom I am interested in, making an appointment, and translate as much as I can. I guess I could say my situation just started to change again for the better. Be prepared and work hard just to proceed I think haha.

Life would be a rollercoaster and I almost forgot about that since I have been too busy not to think about my own feelings. This platform is not only for myself to learn about my own culture but also to broadcast the possibility of Japanese and see if what we do can influence others in a positive way to the world. 







”I have made wrong choice of my life many times and there have been a series of regret that I should have been patient as to continue. Also I do have a choice to make and see if I could continue what I do for now or not.”




IO) あなたにとって日本語と外国語(英語を主に)とはなんでしょうか?例を挙げて説明してください!

黒川さん) 日本語は我々日本人のアイデンティティで、英語は世界に発信していく為のツールではないでしょうか。


IO) What does Japanese and English (your own tongue) mean to you?

Kurokawa-san) Japanese is considered to be one of our identities for us and English would be a tool to broadcast all the way from Japan.


IO) 日本はどんな場所ですか?また、日本人(ミックス)とは誰であり何でしょうか?(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして具体的に。)

黒川さん) 日本はとても創造力や感性が磨かれる場所。


IO) What does Japan, being Japanese or being a Japanese descendant mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Kurokawa-san) Japan is the place where you can polish and refine your creativity and sense.


IO) どうしてそうお考えなのでしょうか?

黒川さん) 日本の様々な職人の方や専門職の方とお話をしていて考え方や志などのレベルの高さにいつも勉強になるな〜と思うからです。」


IO) How so?

Kurokawa-san) When I get to talk with various Japanese artisans or professionals, their philosophy and ambition is something that I value them to the point where those are highly respectful and I have always been learning from them.




IO) 日本や日本人(ミックス)の良いところと悪いところはありますか?例を挙げて下さい。

黒川さん) やはり、日本人は思いやりがあり、想像力が豊かであると思います。悪い所は遠慮がちな所でしょうか。


IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, Japanese descendants, and Japanese culture?

Kurokawa-san) Japanese are really considerate and having a rich imagination. Negative aspect would be that Japanese tends to keep a reserved attitude.


IO) 日本の変だと思うところはありますか?具体例をお願いします。

黒川さん) 特に思い浮かびません。


IO) Is there anything you find strange about Japan as a Japanese/Japanese (American/Canadian/Brazilian)

Kurokawa-san) I can’t come up with anything about this question.


IO) 日本人(ミックス)として西洋の文化(アメリカ、フランス、イタリア等)への憧れ、または日本自体の文化に対する憧れは感じていますか?

黒川さん) はい、西洋文化への憧れはあります。また日本の文化に対する憧れ、尊敬は感じています。


IO) As a Japanese/Japanese descendants, for you have any ambition, envy, or aspirations against western (U.S. for example) or Japanese cultures? How do you feel about Western/Japanese culture, do you think it has had an impact on your work?

Kurokawa-san) I have an aspiration for western culture. At the same time I do have it for Japanese culture as well as respect for it.


IO) 具体的にどの部分へそのように、お考えでしょうか?

黒川さん) 西洋文化の特にアメリカの新しいものを生み出す遊び心ですかね。日本のクラフト&カルチャー。


IO) Care to elaborate those?

Kurokawa-san) Of all western cultures, especially an American playful spirit that creates new things and innovative. Japanese craft/artisan culture as well.


IO) 今後、日本はどのようになっていくとお考えですか?

黒川さん) 専門的な難しいことはわかりませんが、日本のクラフト文化が世界から注目されるのではないかなと思います。




IO) How do you think Japan is going to become? Any thoughts?

Kurokawa-san) I would not be able to answer in an expert manner but I assume that the Japanese culture of craft making will attract the attention of the world.  


IO) 海外進出はお考えですか?

黒川さん) はい、海外進出は考えております。


IO) Any plan to go abroad or expand your entity?

Kurokawa-san) I do. I am thinking of expanding my business to overseas.


IO) クリエイティブの定義とはなんでしょうか?

黒川さん) 私自身、クリエイティブというのが良くわからないのですが、私は小さな頃から何でも自分で作ったりするのが好きだったので、当たり前のように自分でものを作る事をやって来ました。なので、欲しいものが無ければ自分で考えて作るという事が自然と生活の中にありましたね。


IO) What is your definition of creativity? How would you define creativity?

Kurokawa-san) I, myself do not know how to define creativity. Yet, I have been always fond of making things by myself since I was a child so that until this day, I take it for granted that I have been making things. Therefore, I naturally come to think that I would create something if I do not find what I look for.


IO) 人生とは一言/ 一文で何ですか?

黒川さん) 一つのことを選択する事と続ける事の難しさ。




IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

Kurokawa-san) How hard it would be to choose one thing and to keep doing it.


IO) 詳しくお伺いしたいですね。

黒川さん) 私自身がこれまで選択ミスを何度もしたり、あそこで我慢してもっと続けていればよかったなど後悔の連続だったからです。また現在も選択があっているのか、続けていけるのかと。


IO) Care to elaborate that?

Kurokawa-san) I have made wrong choice of my life many times and there have been a series of regret that I should have been patient as to continue. Also I do have a choice to make and see if I could continue what I do for now or not.


IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策はありますか?

黒川さん) ありますが、やはりここでお答えすることはできません(笑)


IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

Kurokawa-san) There is but I do not think I can answer this question here haha.


IO) 注目している人、ものは?

黒川さん) ULTRA HEAVYというグループは大変面白いことをやっていてずっと注目しています。


IO) Something that you are currently into? What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

Kurokawa-san) I have been keeping an eye on the group called “ULTRA HEAVY”. They are pretty interesting.





Katsushi Kurokawa “Jockric”


Copyright of Pictures (C) Jockric All Rights Reserved.

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