Vol. 153 kumagusu interview part.1

I have became interested in texts since I started to write articles on this platform. I have some preferences of text style tough. I like to find someone’s interesting text or article which is written in unknown vocabulary and well-turned phrases that I can not think of. For instance, post of my friend on SNS and some articles of web magazines.

I interviewed a musician who values profundity and fun of Japanese language which our own identities are condensed into. I met up him after this interview on the other day and then I saw his nice and local relationship with his familiar people at bar that he often goes. The place looked much more fresh than any trendy spots around there for me because I have came to tokyo from the countryside and it is more difficult for me to find such a home-feeling place in Tokyo than find fashionable spots.






Islander’s Orb 以下 IO)  Who are you? Please tell us about yourself. (Please tell us about how you interpret this question)

INOUE-Y-san) I am INOUE Y, Vocal and guitar of a band names “Kumagusu”.



井上Yさん 以下井上さん)井上Yといいます。”kumagusu” というバンドのボーカルギターです。




IO) Please describe yourself with detail in regards to your occupation, your concept in your creation, explanation of yourself regarding to what you do, your entities etc..

INOUE-san) “kumagusu was formed by INOUE Y (Vocal, Guitar), Yamazaki Kumazou (Guitar), SATO MOJYA (Bass), and SUZUKI UFO (Drums) in the late 2009. The pivot of the band is INOUE Y. We released our first mini album “MAYONAKA NO FUKUSHIKIKOKYU” in 2014 along with selling our demo CD-R and member’s change.

We have been developing our own view of the world and the lyric of our song is inspired by somehow fresh and indescribable sounds and movies.

After releasing of our mini albums, we published some music videos which was made and edited by ourselves and have continued our activities as an alternative band of 2010’s through self-initiated events names “ANDEPANDAN OF kumagusu” (the origin of the name of this event is from Salon des artistes independents of France).

We launched an independent label “Mukokyu fan-club” on August, 24, 2016 and released our 1st Full album “Natsu ban”


IO) ブランド、会社、アートワ-ク、自身の行いの概要等。(説明文、コンセプトなど)


2009年末、井上Yを中心に結成。メンバーは井上Y (Vo. Gt)、山崎熊蔵(Gt)、佐藤モジャ(Bass)、鈴木UFO(Drums)。デモCD-Rの販売やメンバーチェンジを経て2014年にミニアルバム”真夜中の腹式呼吸”をリリース。シンプルな4人編成ながらも、どこか新鮮で形容しがたい音や映画などからの影響のみられる詞からなる独自の世界を展開。ミニアルバムリリース以降も完全自主製作のMVの発表、自身らの企画 “kumagusuのアンデパンダン” 等を通して2010年代のオルタナティヴとして活動を続けている。





IO) How did you start to form your own identity? What motivated you?

INOUE-san) In addition to lyrics-writing and music composing, We have been making music videos, flyers, and artwork all by ourselves. I did not have any special occasion to start off what I do because I just started playing a guitar and got to know so-called band music when I was a high school student. That was the moment that I wanted to pursue what I do now.

I also like scribbling before I started playing instruments so I have a feeling that it is just natural for myself to start a band just as much as I started scribble. I had same similar feeling about those stuff.





IO) Who/What inspires you?

INOUE-Y) We have been influenced by movies and comics so much. I think that our music is probably not the music that you can dance with or music that you can relax. So when I think of how we would expect people to accept our creations, I think that we want people to immerse themselves in our creation as if they are watching movies or reading comics.

With regards to musical inspirations, each members of our band has different taste in music but the roots of each member’s music is coming from NY punk and 80’s hardcore scene.



井上さん)映画や漫画の影響は大きいと思います。自分たちの音楽性は、ノリノリで踊ってもらえる、とか、聴きながらくつろいでもらえる、とかでは多分無いんだろうなと感じていて、では具体的にどう受け取ってほしいかと考えると 映画や漫画を観ている時のように没頭してもらえたら一番良いな。と思っています。


IO) Please tell us the title of the movies or comics that gave you an inspiration on your creation.

INOUE-san) GARO’s comic and ATG’s movie have some degrees of influence on my fundamentals. I like “Zigeunerweisen” directed by Seijyun Suzuki and Yatsuge Yoshiharu’s comics so much.

*Garo is japanese alternative comic magazine which was published since 1964 until 2002.
*ATG is japanese movie company named “japan art theater guild” since 1961 until 1980.


IO) 特に影響を受けた映画や漫画の作品があれば教えてください。





IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers

INOUE-san) It would be so awesome that our creation becomes next inspiration of someone who accept our music and it would be better for me personally to have a success with people who relate to our creation all together. So it is almost certain that we want money but that’s not the end of our wish. To be more specific, I think that it is awesome to create environment where we could immerse ourselves to do whatever we are up to.


IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいか。



IO) Being successful. Through your creation, would you guys like to become famous? How do you guys create your music?

Inoue-san) We are just happy that a lot of people would listen to our music and expand our fan base to let them come to our gig. Therefore, We would want to be famous for certain degrees but it is a given fact that we would like to do what we want so that our priority is not being famous at all.

Pretty much all of us are working part-time job now. Let’s say we need to stop whatever we are doing when we go for a work. We have to cut it out as we need to earn some money to live. It is a cliché for all of us that we need to earn living expenses but it would be great if we can reduce this time of the moment “Cut it out” and to focus on doing what we really need to do.


IO) 成り上りたい。ご自身のクリエーションを通して、有名になりたい願望はありますか?現在はどのような環境で作品制作をされていますか?

井上Yさん)多くの人に聴いてもらったり、観てもらえるように拡がっていけばやはり嬉しいです。なので、ある程度その願望はあるかもしれませんが、自分のやりたい事をする というのが大前提としてあるので、有名になりたいが一番の目的にはなりません。





IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future?

INOUE-san) When it comes to our band, I appreciate our members who understands theory of music and logically capable of creating it more than me by composing arrangement of the song etc..because I personally somehow tend to make variety of music without thinking about it very much.

So I am thankful to our member that they can also logically help each other or me aside from the music.

“Every man to his trade”, as the proverb goes, I guess it gets way easier to propose an idea and nurture it with for those who has a knowledge from anywhere, anytime with anybody through our revolution of the Internet. Thanks to that, we all are open to various resources as a gateway and we could gain at least minimum knowledge about something more than ever these days.

Also, in term of illustration and clip of my band, I want to advance our creation in a way that I am involved with. I think it will stimulate us and lead us to next step.



井上さん)僕はかなり 何となく で色々作るタイプなので、バンドに関して言えば曲のアレンジを細かくまとめ上げる力は自分より理論なりを理解しているメンバーのおかげだと思っています。楽曲作り以外でも、理論的なところを手伝ってくれる人がいるのはとても理想です。

餅は餅屋 と言いますが、今は色々な分野の窓口がとても広がっていて、必要最低限の知識を得るのがとても簡単になってきています。アイディアを提示し、それをちゃんと知識のある人と膨らませていくということがとてもやりやすくなっているんじゃないでしょうか。


IO) What exactly are you addressing about theory in music?

INOUE-Y) I mean “theory’ as in a images such as a harmony of chord that you can easily channel into many patterns, inserting intricate arrangement or syncopation that allow drums, bass as a rhythm, required skill that put these factors all together to create as an artwork etc…

I think that as we make music, there is no “it” way to do that so we believe that there is no absolute theory in making music.



井上Yさん)ここで言った理論というのは、例えばここに和音で合わせてほしいという時にすぐ何パターンか導き出せたり、リズム隊のバスドラベースの細かいアレンジやシンコペーションのいれかただとか、そういった全体を作品としてまとめるのに必要な技術 といったイメージです。作曲自体に関しては作る人それぞれの作り方がありませんので、絶対的な理論というものはあり得ないと思っています。




Inoue Y “kumagusu”



 Copyright (C) kumagusu All Rights Reserved.
Picture’s Copyright (C) kumagusu All Rights Reserved.


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