Vol.154 Individualist “Chptr 16 and Vrs 1”

There are so many things in my head that sometimes they messes me up haha. Time has always been following my ass and doing something like this platform, introducing so many great individuals, working my ass off to live at least minimum ways not to die…. I am getting tougher day by day I guess? 

This time, I took a different approach. I have been trying to keep in touch with males from the beginning but I thought that it is not just fair to introduce great males only so that I decided to take a another step to get to know more about female side of these great entities that has anything to do with Japan. One of them that my attention was drawn was this entity. The initial encounter was a pants-making. For me, it was quite an interesting to get to know what she has to say. Thank you very much for your time!

Here we go!







tutaee 2


Islander’s Orb 以下 IO) あなたは誰ですか?(ご自身の解釈でお答えください。オンとオフのような形があればぜひ!例:革職人、スポーツマン等)。出身も教えてください。

合田知勢子さん 以下 合田さん) デザイナー 愛媛県出身.


IO) Who are you? Please tell us about yourself. (Please tell us about how you interpret this question)

Goda-san) Designer. Born in Ehime Prefecture.


IO) ブランド、会社、アートワーク、自身の行いの概要等をお願いします。(説明文、コンセプトなど)

合田さん) “傳 tutaee”という名の下に活動。

基本的には、”傳 tutaee”は、2002年にスタートした男服、女服、プロダクトを創り出すレーベルです。表現する事、それは即ち日本で生まれ育った自分の心の中に数多くある引き出しを開け、その中に詰まった思いを伝える事。その伝えるプロセスを大切にし、デザインや素材、つくり、そして現代のライフスタイルとの調和を大切に、日本のレーベルである事に誇りを持って活動しています。

プロダクトの活動の中に、ツタエノヒガサ(日傘レーベル)、biologique de tutaee(オーガニックのカットソーに特化したレーベル)、C.d.T(chapeau de tutaee 帽子レーベル)と、活動する「蔵前」だからこそのプロダクトに取り組んでいます。


IO) Please describe yourself with detail in regards to your occupation, your concept in your creation, explanation of yourself regarding to what you do, your entities etc..

Goda-san) Playing an active role under the label of “傳 tueaee”.

Basically “傳 tutaee” is a men, women, and product label that had established in 2002. To represent, that is a series act as elicitation from my mind that opens my own heart as born and raised Japanese to tell many stories from inside of it. I am proud to be a Japanese label that I have been working for my own entity as to take value in the process of telling stories with design, material, construction and matching with modern lifestyle.

Of all activities that I conduct, There are couple labels such as Tutaee no Higasa (sunshade umbrella), biologique de tutaee (organic cut-and sewn label) , C.d.T (hat label as chapeau de tutaee) . All of these are products for me to work on just because we are “Kuramae”


tutaee 3


IO) この「蔵前」 の意味する事とは「何かを作る人」という事ですか?

合田さん) 蔵前は、地名です。 昔々の江戸時代に、江戸城のお膝元 隅田川のほとりにお蔵があったことから言われる地名です。その後、蔵→馬→馬の鞍など 職人さんの街が形成され今もなお、職人さんの街と言われています。



IO) By “Kuramae” Do you mean “crafters” or “someone who make things”?

Goda-san) “kuramae” is a geographical name. A long time ago, during the Edo Period, this place was named after storehouse “Kura (蔵)“ beside the “Sumida” river as adjacent area of Edo castle. After that, this place became as a town of crafters (Storehouse “Kura” is actually a homonym to horse’s saddle “Kura(鞍)”and people started to craft product around here including saddle) and this place has been famous for the mecca of crafters for a long time till this day.

Clothes that resembles in old ones, yet it is not the ones from the past as the way it was. As times goes by, if people are changed then clothes would be something that changed as well. However, the Good Old must not be abandoned. It is just the way it should be.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションを始めた具体例やきっかけはありますか?

合田さん) 物心ついた時から、頭の中で想像した事をかたちへ表現する事が好きでした。


IO) How did you start to form your own identity? What motivated you?

Goda-san) From as far back as I can remember, I have been fond of shaping my own imagination in my mind into reality as to describe.


tutaee 5


IO) ご自身の姿勢、指針、行動、存在やクリエーションにおいての影響をうけたものは何ですか?(インスピレーション等、具体例。)

合田さん) 五感で感じる事のいろいろ。


IO) Who/What inspires you?

Goda-san) Various things that experience with my five senses


IO) いろいろとはいったいなんでしょうか?

合田さん) 生きていく中で、見たり、聞こえたり、においを感じたり、味を感じたりする中での四季や街、人の移り変わり。


IO) What exactly the various things for you?

Goda-san) Something to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, and to taste in the course of living plus seasons, cities and transition of people.


IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいですか?

合田さん) はっとして欲しい。


IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers.

Goda-san) My work hopefully wakes people up in a way.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションのトレンドと傾向やその後の未来像はありますか?

合田さん) 変わらない事と変わり続ける事が混在しながら、いつも新しい存在でいる事。


tutaee 1


IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future

Goda-san) Become something new in the midst of mixture of things that stays unchanged and changed.


IO) あなたにとって日本語と英語とはなんでしょうか?例を挙げて説明してください。

合田さん) 日本語・・・水彩画 抽象的な言葉の表現で、人に伝えることが出来る

英語・・・モノクロの写真 語学が堪能ではないので色が鮮明という訳ではないですが、はっきりとした具体的な表現


IO) What does Japanese and English (your own tongue) mean to you?

Watercolor painting. Share with people by an abstract expression.

Black and white photography. Concrete and clear expression except vivid color because I’m not fluent.


To be continued on next Verse of Individualist…


Chiseko Goda / Takehiro Yoshihara “傳 tutaee”


Copyright of Pictures (C) 傳 tutaee All Rights Reserved.


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