Vol. 155 Matsumoto Kazuya

Last week, I went to Hokkaido for the first time in my life. One of my friends moved out from Tokyo to Hokkaido to do what she want to do and it seemed that she got used to her new life in Hokkaido. So I went all the way to Hokkaido to meet her.

We earnestly took a drive around a part of Hokkaido and she took me various tourist spots.  I was amazed by how pretty and beautiful the nature of Hokkaido was. Especially, the autumn leaves which I looked at from an open-air bathtub was a majestic sight. My friend entirely got used to live in as a country life. She also became so pretty to me and then somehow a word of a novelist or an artist came up to my mind  that it would be impossible to be attractive as to get older without a fulfillment of life. Various things also happened to her new life but I thought I want to enrich my body and soul with various experiences like her.


Today’s artist is “Kazuya Matsumoto” who comes from Ishikawa prefecture. I have never been to his concert so he is one of the artists that I want to see. He uses Japanese traditional instrument or craft product in his music and he has new style of music that we have never seen yet. I think that it is so difficult to establish his current distinctive style of music. Please check his mysterious sounds out.











 Copyright (C) Kazuya Matsumoto All Rights Reserved.
Picture’s Copyright (C) Kazuya Matsumoto All Rights Reserved.


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