Vol. 157 kumagusu interview part.2

Following on interview with Inoue Y-san “kumagusu” on  “Vol. 153 kumagusu interview part.1”.

On the street, Halloween was already has its end. Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. Recently, Tokyoite looks hurried for the end of the year. I can also hear such announces as “This is the our final live of this year” from underground music scenes of Tokyo. Today’s interviewee, Inoue-san who is so calm that I would not think that he is middle of 20’s that probably and diligently devotes himself to his music works today in construct to me who have been a little confused by hectic air of the busy people for the end of the year and always send off every year when I am realized about that. I could listen to stories focusing on Japan and Japanese in second volumes.





井上さん)英語は喋れないので、単純に自分自身の感情や表現を一番おもしろく発信できるのが日本語、自分にとってそれができないものが英語や外国語だと思っています。以前友人から「英語圏の人からすると Wu-Tang Clan のリリックはマジでやばいらしい」という話を聞きました。生活圏にいないと伝わらないニュアンスや凄さは確実にあって、自分の場合は日本語でないとそれは出来ません。歌の面白いところは、ただ文章を読むのとは違って歌い方の表現で説得力が変わってくるところだと思います。外国語圏の人が聴いたとき、言葉は分からなくても説得力が伝わると良いなと思っています。



IO) What does Japanese and English mean to you?

Inoue Y-san) I can not speak English so I just think that a language which I can amusingly broadcast expression of myself is Japanese and a language which I can not do that is english or any other foreign language for me. One time, my friend told me that Wu-Tang Clan’s lyrics seemed to be really cool for people of English-speak countries before. I think there are surely nuances and amazingness of expressions of each language which can be understood by only people who are living in the local area where each local language is used and I can not express that without using Japanese. I think that one of the interesting points of songs would be that persuasiveness of lyrics is changed with expressions of the way of singing in contrast with only reading sentences out loud. When people of English-speaking countries hear our music, I wish the persuasiveness of our music is understood by them even though they can not understand Japanese. As for melodies or the way of singing, I think we have to find each individuality of the way of singing because pronunciation and syllable is also different with Japanese and English.



自分の曲は 節 を感じるような抑揚がある日本語の歌が合っているように思うので、面白い歌詞が浮かんだら抑揚のあるメロディとの整合性も意識します。


IO) Do you have any consciousness when you make lyrics of your songs in Japanese?

Inoue Y-san) I want to make hook-line of combinations of simple words with lyrics which sound fresh and I would like to have a strong point which is absolutely sensible of the image of the lyrics as for listeners to be able to think why we reached those words which was used in our songs. I also try to be focus on consistencies with our cadent melody when interesting lyrics pop up in my mind because I think our song would match with Japanese song that has a cadent tune in it .






IO) What does Japan, being Japanese or being a Japanese descendant mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Inoue Y-san) I could not answer to this question really because I have never lived overseas. If you ask me, I think Japan is probably a tolerant country as for producing something. Apart from the fact that we can get cash or not out of doing something, I unexpectedly think japan is a lucky environment enough to be able to do what we want to do if we just try to do.





IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, and Japanese culture?

Inoue Y-san) I think Japanese have common national trait like we tend to be hung by opinions of majority and being workaholics but I can not sweepingly say that these are bad points of Japanese because these are merits as well as demerits in some cases.







IO) As a Japanese/Japanese descendants, for you have any ambition, envy, or aspirations against western (U.S. for example) or Japanese cultures? How do you feel about Western/Japanese culture, do you think it has had an impact on your work?

Inoue Y-san) I do. Any traditional culture, exotic atmosphere and things that base on these are exciting and interesting for me. Recently, I saw a kabuki play for the first time. The contents of the kabuki was also interesting but I was really surprised about the high-level accomplishments of the musical part of the kabuki I saw.





IO) What is your definition of creativity? How would you define creativity?

Inoue Y-san) Continuing to generate ideas. Only continuing to make music right and actually taking action.


IO) アイディアを連続させるために何か行動されていることはありますか?



IO) Is there anything that you do to continue to generate ideas?

Inoue Y-san) I think that it becomes the best stimulus to meet up with someone. Although my answer about this question will probably conflict with following question later on, I think I can not input from anything only by myself.




IO)人生とは一言/ 一文で何ですか?



IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

Inoue Y-san) Mystery.





IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

Inoue Y-san) Keep doing our music without worrying about what other people think. “Every man has his humor”, as the proverb goes, if we give shape to our ideas which generate without worrying about other people’s reaction then we could differentiate ourselves from other musicians.



井上さん)ここ数ヶ月で一番ガツンとやられたのは Vince Staples でした。


IO) Something that you are currently into?What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

Inoue Y-san) Vince Staples strike me in the spot in these months.


Inoue Y “kumagusu”



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