Vol. 158 Koubou Path

Although I could continue to write articles on this platform from August, I finally failed to write articles two weeks ago because of my work. The exhibition of 17’SS collection and a sale of my company were held on the trot so I was very busy in the last two weeks. My work settled down now so I want to get back into my usual routine from this week.

The beginning of this month , I was confused to hear that one of my friends had been hospitalized and I went to the hospital in Sengawa to see her who had a surgery. When I visited to her, she seemed to leave the hospital after the short-term hospitalization and I was little relieved. I was sure she probably felt helpless so much. We chatted each other about what we have been up to recently and music of each other’s recent recommend for about 4 hours and I left her room after watching at Mt. Fuji which a doctor of the hospital told us that we could watch from the window of her room.

When I wa surfing the Internet, I found a repair shop of stringed instruments in Sengawa. Sengawa was a very timely spot for me. We needed to directly ask the owner of Koubou Path about the address to visit there so I could not visit the repair shop this time. When I checked Instagram of Koubou path, I knew that a lot of people visited there to repair their precious instruments and Koubou path looked really fun. If you visit Koubou path to repair your precious instruments, please tell me what is Koubou path like.


kobo 3








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