Vol.159 Asthenia

Last week, it snowed in Tokyo for the first time in 54 years on November. It has been finally like winter here and I am so glad about that. Because, although I had like summer more than winter until early twenties, I have became to like winter more than summer since late twenties. So my decided preference is for winter now.

I went to Hatsudai WALL to see gig of “HARM DONE” Japan tour the other day. “HARM DONE” is a French hardcore rock band. I had not gone this type of hardcore rock gig since I was a student so I was really looking forward to this event. When I arrived at the venue in Hatsudai, there were a lot of people who were wearing clothes of the punk style like skinny denims and foodies in this day and age when wide pants are so in fashion and it was very bustling there. And then the nostalgic atmosphere got to my heart and I felt the depth of rock music because it still survived in the same style since my school days and I could purely think that hard core rock music was really cool as ever.

Today’s artist is “Asthenia”. Asthenia also gave a performance in this HARM DONE Japan tour. However I could not go the venue in time because of work and I could not see their gig this time. I was really looking forward to see their gigs though.

I could talk a little bit with some of members of asthenia and one of members gave me their original button badges. The design of the button badges was my taste and then I was sure that their music must be cool. So I have high expectations for their next gigs more and more. Please check them out.







先日、 初台WALLにて行われた”HARM DONE“というフランスのハードコアバンドの来日イベントに行ってきました。ハードコアのイベントの参加は学生以来だったので、仕事終わりに会場へ向かう足取りも少し急ぎ気味に。ライブハウスに着くと、このワイドパンツブームのご時勢の中、スキニーデニムにフーディーというロックなスタイルの人たちで賑わっており、懐かしい空気感に胸がジーンとなりました。都会のレベルの高さは感じたものの、私の学生時代と変わらないスタイルで残り続けていて、今見ても純粋にカッコ良いと思えるロックという音楽の奥深さのようなものを感じます。

さて今回ご紹介するアーティストは Asthenia。先日のイベントにも出演しており、とても楽しみにしていた日本の激情ハードコアバンドだったのですが、筆者は仕事終わりに駆けつけたものの、間に合わず、今回のライブは見送ることに。次回のライブは必ず見たいなと思います。イベント中にメンバーの方と軽くお話しすることができ、缶バッチを頂いのですが、プリントされているデザインが自身の好みで、やはり間違いないバンドだと確信。ライブへの期待がますます高まっております。









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