With less than ten days left in the year. Recently, I have been picking up Xmas presents with customers of my store at work almost every day. At private, one of my friends have seemed very busy as well these couple days. Although some of my friends invited me to hang out, they cancelled on me the day when we were supposed to meet up because of their work and they invited me immediately after they canceled on me again. This unfortunate incident like this happened on me several times on this month. However, I could flexibly respond to their absurd invitations so it occurred to me that I was free compared to other people.

Anyways, I try to do what I should do at my own pace without caring about what other people do the rest of this year too.

Today’s artist is “MATSUMOTO TORU”. I wanted to introduce him on this platform since before. He acted as a guitarist of an indies rock band which was called physalia physalis psyche from 2004 to 2012. After that, he plays in “TRMTRM” which is a his new band, make sound for works of the flower arrangement artist and film music as solo artist now. I sometimes feel that Japanese senses of art are somewhat steady and got into a rut compared to overseas sense of art. It probably has something to do with one of characteristics of Japanese. But his works which are faithful to his aesthetic of art and unconventional broaden the range of music of listeners same as masterpieces in the world.






今年も残すことろ10日を切りましたね。自身の仕事方ではこの時期になると、毎日の様にお客さんと一緒にプレゼント選びをしたり(割りと真剣に考えちゃうので頭を使います。)、プライベートの方でも、皆さん忙しそうで、友人からご飯のお誘いがあったと思ったら仕事の都合で当日ドタキャンになり、かと思ったらやっぱり行ける!みたいなのが数回ありました。笑 これに柔軟に対応出来る筆者の生活も如何とは思いますが、忙しすぎるのも苦手なので、残すこと2016年もマイペースにやるべきことをやろうと思います。






Copyright (C)Matsumoto Toru  All Rights Reserved.
Picture’s Copyright (C) Matsumoto Toru All Rights Reserved.


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