Vol. 162 KIMY’s 2016 Top Japanese Music Album

I fortunately had a plenty of time for the last article so that I was spending my time without any rush but as I welcome the year end day by day, my work gets busier and busier… My frustration is beyond my capacity and I cannot handle it anymore haha. However, as I write pretty much what I want to say in this platform, I can actually get away with my stress and this time, I am writing for the sake of releasing my stress, booze with me and I would like to mention few of the best Japanese indie disk here.




① LAST WALTZ/World’s end girlfriend
Virgin Babylon Recordsより6年ぶりの新作。美しい炎に包まれた花のジャケットと同様、胸が締め付けられる様な繊細で耽美な音と、壮大な世界観が圧巻でした。



② Klan Aileen/Klan Aileen




③ Flesh and Blood/Yahyel
Hot butter recordsよりフジロックの初出演が記憶に新しいyahyel。筆者にとっては何か凄く新しい時代を感じさせられました。バンドメンバーは平成生まれのネット世代、聴いてきた音楽の幅が筆者とは圧倒的に違うのでしょう。うむ。



④ Fantome/宇多田ヒカル


⑤ 夏盤/Kumagusu





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