Vol. 169 Yousei Suzuki

What is the difference between a person who can continue to have highly conscious in work and the person who can not? I am the latter one and I am always unconsciously soft to myself . So I sometimes feel terribly sorry for people around me when it comes for me to apply this situation with them. Recently, my position on the job changed and then I thought that I want to be a person who is able to make tense atmosphere at work somehow. However, the other’s evaluation and my ideals were far apart and they even seemed to lost their tension when they were with me. So I tried to a lot of things for making tense atmosphere but my attempt did not work really. Eventually I think it is great that everyone would work joyful and there may be little good points that only I have in this surroundings of my work. So I think I will work hard with what I had to do.

By the way, I have a super long commute everyday. My little pleasure in this commute is to listen to my favorite music and be in a daze on the train. Then I screenshot the artworks of musics which I listened through Apple Music and posting on INSTAGRAM (@hi_kimie). What a quiet hobby that is haha. I have managed to be glad when I got ♡ for my post from overseas Instagram users. Please check me out if you are interested.

Sorry for this quite long introduction. Today’s artists is Yousei Suzuki. Recently I am into Kurt vile and I searched various folk musics on the internet. And then I found his music on Soundcloud. He lives in Osaka. His music is mainly folk and instrumental music and the acid style of his music is pretty cool. He also runs a cassette label “Senri Record”. I also would really like to go his gigs sometime. Please check him out.

The Rainbow After The Rain



そんな生活の中で見つけた細やかな楽しみがあって、私は、毎日の通勤時間が片道1時間半近くと長く、毎日の好きな音楽を聴きながらボーッとするのが数少ない幸せな時間なんですが、その通勤時間に聞いている音楽を自分のインスタにアップするという、なんともシュールな趣味。私自身の周りに音楽好きな友達がほとんどいないせいかもしれませんが、海外のユーザーなどから、自分の好きな音楽に♡がつくと、不覚にもちょっと嬉しいです。笑 興味がありましたら是非お友達になりましょう。

さて、久しぶりに書いたので前置きが長くまりましたが、今日のアーティストは鈴木庸聖さん。最近、Kurt vileにめちゃくちゃハマってて(見た目も良いし、声も良い。レコード欲しいっす。)、フォークソングを掘っていた時に、見つけた大阪のアーティストの方。フォークやインストゥルメンタルを中心にアシッドな音楽スタイルがとても素敵な方です。ノスタルジックな匂いを漂わせている、カセットレーベル、Senri Recordをご自身で運営されながら、音楽活動をされています。

Yousei Suzuki

Copyright (C) Yousei Suzuki All Rights Reserved.
Picture’s Copyright (C) Yousei Suzuki  All Rights Reserved.


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