Vol. 171 Individualist “Chptr 18 and Vrs 2” hykrx

Following on interview with hykrx-san “hykrx” on  
Vol. 168 Individualist “Chptr 18 and Vrs 1” hykrx”.


Been really busy and I am in the state of not being able to complete my task nor to do list for now. I really wonder how people will do things that they need to do one by one. Do they set the priority for their list of things they need to do and erase them every time when they did one by one? This has been one of the problem that I cannot beat for so long that I am not even looking for the answer for that. However, I feel like I really need to make this work in order to complete things that I want without myself distracted from everyday life. Can someone teach me how to do that? or we all have to figure it out by ourselves. 







”From just lacing up your shoelaces to painting a 100-meter mural on the wall, things that have to do with my own emotion and imagination are considered to be a creation I assume.”




IO) 日本はどんな場所ですか?また、日本人(ミックス)とは誰であり何でしょうか?(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして具体的に。)

hykrxさん) 表現、意識の狭い所と広い所の差が激しい場所。



IO) What does Japan, being Japanese or being a Japanese descendant mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

hykrx-san) Japan is the place where there is a dramatic range in broad and narrow sense of stuff I guess?  Japanese…. a bit vague question and just like a sprawling work I think but I feel like Japan should be more open and free. Being free has always something to do with being responsible and we should act more freely and with self-responsibility. Even if you are broke and you have your own struggle, assuming that Japan would be like nothing else if more of us are up to enjoy what they want to do and feel the joy and struggle.

Probably I am saying this to myself haha.


IO) 日本は自由さが足りないと僕も思いますが、なぜそうお考えですか?何か原因や理由があれば!

hykrxさん) 日本で自由は不を感じることがあります。私自身、ローカルな場所に身を置いている分、周りからも聞こえてきます。しかし、不安定の中から生まれるモノこそ地涌な要素が多いかと感じます。安定、安心を得たければ同じモノを作り続けて行けば良いとは思いますが、幾つになっても挑戦したい気持ちがあり、それを行動にして継続したいです。


IO) How come Japan has less mind of open and free? Any thought on that?

hykrx-san) I think that I have a negative touch about the concept of being free in Japan. As far as I am concerned that I am part of local community, I get to hear stuff like that around me. However, I feel that something that is born out of insecurity as a state of being free contains raw and local element. That’s really important and I believe that we all should act based on our routine and make same things if you want to be stable. Yet, I would love to keep challenging myself no matter how old I get and keep that in mind and continue to do so.



IO) 日本や日本人(ミックス)の良いところと悪いところはありますか?例を挙げて下さい。

hykrxさん) 良いところは温かさと丁寧さ。悪いところはネガティブに引き込まれやすいところ。


IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, Japanese descendants, and Japanese culture?

hykrx-san) The positive aspect would be the politeness and warmth of people. The negative aspect is probably that we are prone to be drawn to negativity.


IO) 日本人(ミックス)として西洋の文化(アメリカ、フランス、イタリア等)への憧れ、または日本自体の文化に対する憧れは感じていますか?

hykrxさん) 日本と海外の文化への憧れを分けて考えた事がないので、全てにおいて楽しい事、良い事は見習って行きたいです。



IO) As a Japanese/Japanese descendants, for you have any ambition, envy, aspirations against western (U.S. for example) or Japanese cultures?How has Western/Japanese culture influenced you and your creativity? How do you feel about Western/Japanese culture, do you think it has had an impact on your work?

hykrx-san) I have never considered my aspiration toward Japan and toward foreign countries separately so. I would love to learn all the things that’s fun and positive.


IO) 今後、日本はどのようになっていくとお考えですか?

hykrxさん) 私には大きすぎて語れません。


IO) How do you think Japan is going to become? Any thoughts?

hykrx-san) This is something much more than I can imagine so I cannot say anything.


IO) 海外進出はお考えですか?

hykrxさん) 未定と言うよりは不明ですね。今の時代、どこにいても浅く深く繫がれるとは思います。


IO) Any plan to go abroad or expand your entity?

hykrx-san) I would rather say “no idea” than “up in the air”. Nowadays wherever you are, it is up to you whether you can connect with someone however you want, deep or shallow.


IO) SNSやネットに起因しているからでしょうか?

hykrxさん) SNS、ネットが全て良いとは思いません、実際に作品を見た人にしか伝わらない事は沢山あります。しかしその傍らで海外の方が作品を手にしてくれる事も事実。自分の表現したい事、物を創るのが前提なので不明が正解かと思います。


IO) Is your thought on this above referred to social media or Internet?

hykrx-san) I don’t think Social Media or Internet have it all. There are many factors that only for those who have seen my work would understand. But it is also true that People from overseas would want to purchase my artwork as well. It is prerequisite for me to create what I want to express and create so I suppose “No idea” is the right answer for previous question.


IO) クリエイティブの定義とはなんでしょうか?

hykrxさん)  靴紐を結ぶ事から、100メートルの壁に描く事も自身の感情、想像を活かし考えて行っていることは全て創造なのではないでしょうか。

IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

hykrx-san) From just lacing up your shoelaces to painting a 100-meter mural on the wall, things that have to do with my own emotion and imagination are considered to be a creation I assume.


IO) 人生とは一言/ 一文で何ですか?

hykrxさん)  何事にも挑み続けないと気持ちの良い陽は差さない。


IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

hykrx-san) Sun won’t shine on you unless you try to every moment you encounter.


IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策はありますか?

hykrxさん)  隣を見て創っていないので解りません。自分の創りたいものを創らないと後悔するので、差別化を図る方法を考えて出来る作品はもはや私の作品では無いです。



IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

hykrx-san) I don’t have any since I never intended to see the person next to me. I will regret if I will not create what I want to create so that my artwork is not going to be created by me if I intentionally make one to differentiate from others.


IO) 注目している人、ものは?

hykrxさん) 一つの作品が良い、しかしその人の創るモノ全てが好きとかでも無いですし、全く作品として意識していなかった友人の子供さんの絵を気に入り、デザインにしたり。作品は解らないけど、人として好きな方もいます。人、モノは誰で何、と言われると決められないですね。

人とモノでは語れない部分としては、奈良は橿原にある”okiraku”が素敵ですね。本業は床屋さんなんですけど、流行りや廃りに囚われず、ご夫婦が良いと感じたモノ、自分達が使いたいモノ(アパレル、CD、植物、調味料。。。etc) を提案している場所。綺麗なモノだけでは見えない部分、人として提案としての汚れの着き方が素敵です。



IO) Something that you are currently into? What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

hykrx-san) Let’s say I like one artwork from one artist. But that does not mean I like all of artwork from one particular artist. Or I could say that I get to like a drawing from a child of my friend and take inspiration from it. I also have someone that I like as a person, not really as an art-wise. I simply cannot decide who or what really.

Though I cannot really decide who or what, One place that I can tell would be “okiraku” that located in Kashihara, Nara. Wife and husband, they mainly operate as a barbershop but this is the place where they collect and store whatever they think it is good such as something that they want to use (clothing, CD’s, plants, seasoning etc..) as to show their customer. I think that they propose their own taste with a twist of touch that we never get to see only in eye-filling stuff. I like the fact that the way for engaging themselves for their favorite stuff with their own hands. It is really hard to explain so I am pretty sure that you will understand once you visited their store.


IO) 奈良は西大寺出身なのでぜひ行かせて頂きます笑。奈良にはゆかりがあるのでしょうか?

hykrxさん) 私は2012年にコレクターさんのお誘いで奈良で初の展示会[FUTURE×HYKRX]を開催。この展示会場がokiraku さんが運営するokiraku2でして、サポートをokirakuさんにして頂き展示会を通して色んな事、モノに丁寧な方達と感じてそこから徐々にお付き合いが始まりました。私の[丁寧]の作品、丁寧な気持ちはここから強くなりました。奈良で2004年に開業して今も素敵を放つ場所です。


IO) Nara is where my hometown is so I’ll def look into that. Do you feel a certain kinship with Nara then?

hykrx-san) I got to have my first exhibition in Nara called “FUTURE×HYKRX” in 2012. It was held through a collector of my artwork. This was actually the place where they run different share space called “okiraku2”. Throughout an exhibition, they had been really supportive of me and I felt that they are more than just a store owners, they are complaisant in what they does so that we became friends and been getting in touch since. Including one of my artwork “丁寧“, the feeling of complaisant was getting stronger inside of me. They opened up their store in 2004 and they have been great since then.



百樂刃 “hykrx”


Copyright of Pictures (C) “hykrx” All Rights Reserved.


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