Recently, I often see people who are using a shoelace to fasten their waste instead of a belt in my shop. I had thought that it was a little strange and I had wondered what that was while working. The other day, one of our regular customers who was more knowledgeable about fashion than people of apparel industries though he was a one of typical salary man that came to my shop and then I asked him about the matter of a shoelace instead of a belt. He taught me that skaters was using shoelaces instead of a belt because the belt rubbed their body and it hurt when they were skateboarding. Somehow I was a little moved. My colleague said that he can’t help but to doubt his sense of fashion as he has been working in this industry for many years. So the matter of a shoelace may be something like that of doubt he had I guess.

Today’s artist is TENDOUJI. I am into music like 60’s〜70’s these days. (The iconic artists of these ages is the Beatles etc.) I especially love the lemon twigs. Until a few days ago, I had not tried to listen to them because they had became topic of conversation among music lovers so I thought their music was just trend. But I finally started to listen to them these days and their talent made me weak one my knees. Their music was as cool as I thought that I felt like it was good to be alive. My taste of music may have changed over times and I have come to prefer 60’s music to urban and stylish music recently because 60’s music are not technical, not complex and little odd and these have a stable axis as its music style. So the sound is just suited my mind.

TENDOUJI’s music is like 60’s. I searched their profile or details to write articles about them but I could not find them. But I recommend TENDOUJI to you guys who have the same feelings as me. Please check them out.





今日のアーティストはTENDOUJI。最近めっきり60〜70年代(代表的なところだとビートルズとか)の音楽にはまっていて、今で言うとthe lemon twigsは大のお気に入り。話題になりすぎて食わず嫌いしてたのですが、最近、やっと重い腰を上げて聞いてみて、なんじゃこりゃー!ってなりました。笑 大げさでとかではなく生きててよかったぁと思えたくらい。60〜70年代の何がいいかと言うと、自分の趣味が変わってきつつあるのか、洗練されていてオシャレな感じがするものよりも、特にスマートで複雑なこととかはしてないんですけど、楽曲としてしっかり軸があって、ちょっと奇天烈なんですけど肌馴染みの良い良質サウンド的なこの年代の音楽が今の気分にピッタリなんです。ということで、そんな60年代的な音楽を奏でる今回のアーティストの方のことを、ネットでいろいろ調べてみたんですけど、プロフィール的なものがあまり出てこなくて。。。でも、筆者のような気分の方にはとってもオススメなので、音楽で勝負というところでしょうか。是非聞いてみてください。



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