I will start living alone next year so I need money for house-moving expenses. Recently, I make lunch by myself everyday to save money even just a little bit. Though I cannot make only simple food, for example fried rice… 
By the way, It is difficult for me to look for an apartment to live in Tokyo. There are a lot of choices but I think that the condition of apartments in Tokyo is very extreme. For example, one of an apartment which I looked on the internet was easily accessible by public transports but the rent was too expensive and one of that was very old but the rent was very low. So I thought I need to set out my priorities.

Today’s artist is THE ROAMERS. Recently, I am into old and low-key music so I recommend their music very much that have been affected by blues, Jazzes and other black music. I thought it is difficult for young musician to express cool sounds like old style music because it just looks like kids pretend to act like adults if they have poor taste in music. But I think their music is not unnatural and really cool. Please check them out.


where’s the key?


tokyo alone



今日のアーティストはTHE ROAMERS。最近、渋いテイストの音楽にハマってる筆者としては、ブルースやジャズなどの黒人音楽から影響を受けている、これまた渋い感じのアーティストではないでしょうか。こういうのって、ちょっと間違えると、中二病みたいなっちゃうから難しいよね!と思ったりするんですが、もちろん自分が中二病みたいだった時期はあるので、若気の至り的なバンドには、少し愛着が湧いたりするのは事実。ですが、バンドのブログの中でも(現在はお休みされてるのかもしれませんが。笑)、「日本人は、日本人らしくグルーヴすることが一番大事。」とあって、洋楽の真似事じゃない、独自のロックンロールな世界観がとてもかっこいいと思います。そういえば、私は黒人音楽をちゃんと掘ったことがない。奥深そうな世界なのでこれからいろいろ触れていきたいです。


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