Vol. 177 Mirror Moves

Our head writer is now too busy to write articles on this blog. So I will continue to update this blog my own way by myself for a while. I’m sorry guys especially for those who does not have any interest in music. Let’s look forward to him coming back from through his crazy life and return here on this platform someday. ha ha

I went to a gig to watch WILD HONEY from Austria at The Ruby Room in Shibuya. The band called “mirror moves” performed as the opening act and It was very cool. Actually, I went to their gigs of WWW events about a year ago but in all honestly, they didn’t stand out in my memory. So I thought that “Have they been so cool from the last time I saw them before?”.  When I watched their performances at this event, there were a lot of different kinds of their songs compared with the last time and their performance was great. So the event was more exciting than I had imagined. I would like to go their gigs again.


“Through king, The Lullaby for Waking”


渋谷のRUBY ROOMで行われたWILD HONEYのJAPAN TOURにて、前座で出演していたmirror movesの演奏ががとても良かったです。彼らのライブは確か1年?くらい前に渋谷WWWのイベントで一度見たことがありますが、その時は正直あまり印象に残ってなかったので、今回のライブを見て「あれ、こんなバンドだったけ?」と、とても驚きました。演奏もカッコよくて、予想以上にとても楽しめました。また行きたいと思います。


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