(ˈaɪləndə) (ī′lən-dər) (ˈaɪ lən dər)
1. a native or inhabitant of an island
2. (capital) NZ a native or inhabitant of the Pacific Islands


(ɔːb) (ôrb) (ɔrb)
1. (Heraldry) (in royal regalia) an ornamental sphere surmounted by a cross, representing the power of a sovereign
2. a sphere; globe
3. poetic another word for eye
4. (Astronomy) obsolete or poetic
a. a celestial body, esp the earth or sun
b. the orbit of a celestial body
5. an archaic word for circle
6. to make or become circular or spherical
7. (tr) an archaic word for encircle
Islander’s Orb is a website that aims to deliver the aesthetic curation of Japanese culture, objects and entities under the category of any creative realms from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Daily thoughts are also expressed along with the topics above.
Islander’s Orbとは我々のレンズを通した”Cool Japan”を世界に発信するウェブサイトです。我々が単純にかっこいいなと思う日本の存在を英語、日本語でお伝えしていこうと思います。


The underlying ambition for this website is that we endeavor to educate readers in various aspects, tips of life. We want them to seek for an image of what the “ideal” human is about with a taste of Japanese culture so that we can also promote Japan as a whole. 



Embrace your own Japan, discover Japan with your own curiosity, and let Japan be one of your favorite places for you.

Founder, Editor/Head Writer
About me 
Around 30’s,
Generation Y,
born and raised in Nara Japan,
Society dropout,
Until this day and now on, I have been always fascinated by western culture (Especially American culture….my bad for those who are from anywhere else..) since I was little. 
Certain amount of times that I had spent in Canada and the U.S. as an exchange student and worker, I somehow manage to make myself understood in English like probably high-school level …..grammatical mistake can be found but please be kind and let me know about that then I will keep myself up for correcting.
Still, I would love to continue exposing myself to English to hopefully make my life awesome (somehow hahaha) and get in touch with people who has a same idea that….

Being proud of your country, collectives of curiosity-driven, multi linguistic, and creative people.

Through this platform, I am going to express my interest from my home country to let the world know how I embrace my life and continue seizing for what this world can offer to me.

ジェネレーションY (この響きが個人的に好き)
幼い頃から音楽や服飾、様々な目に映った英語で書かれた存在に関心を持ち、一定期間海外で生活してなんとかこのくらいまで英語が出来るようになる。まだまだ 英語には悪戦苦闘しておりますが、負けないように頑張ってます。
About me



Late 20’s, I am just one of salesperson for a certain brand. I spend ordinary days and calmy get to have an interest in various things around me.

I really like listening to music, traveling and thinking about stuff. I became interested in overseas since I was junior high school student and I started studying  English and my curiosity for overseas have taken me to about 25 countries so far in total. I wanna visit many more countries where I haven’t been yet from here on out.

When I spend typical days with no specific aim, Yo recommend me to be a writer of this blog for improving my English. So I started writing articles about Japanese music on this blog til then.

I listen to many kinds of music without having specific tastes, for instance, Rock, Punk, Soul, Classic, Electronica, Dubstep. Among them, I particularly like Bristol Sounds which originated from England because I am very attracted to cloudy emotional parts of these kinds of music.

Through this platform, I would love to explore many new kinds of Japanese music and get in touch with people’s cool idea or thinking!

I am more than happy to be a part of link exchange if you let me know beforehand.
Please also get ahold of us if you have something to say.
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