Vol. 177 Mirror Moves

Our head writer is now too busy to write articles on this blog. So I will continue to update this blog my own way by myself for a while. I’m sorry guys especially for those who does not have any interest in music. Let’s look forward to him coming back from through his crazy life and return here on this platform someday. ha ha I went to a gig to watch WILD HONEY from Austria at The Ruby Room in Shibuya. The band called “mirror moves” performed as the opening act and It was very cool. Actually, I went to their gigs of WWW events about a year ago but in all honestly, they didn’t stand Continue Reading →


I will start living alone next year so I need money for house-moving expenses. Recently, I make lunch by myself everyday to save money even just a little bit. Though I cannot make only simple food, for example fried rice…  By the way, It is difficult for me to look for an apartment to live in Tokyo. There are a lot of choices but I think that the condition of apartments in Tokyo is very extreme. For example, one of an apartment which I looked on the internet was easily accessible by public transports but the rent was too expensive and one of that was very old but the rent Continue Reading →


Recently, I often see people who are using a shoelace to fasten their waste instead of a belt in my shop. I had thought that it was a little strange and I had wondered what that was while working. The other day, one of our regular customers who was more knowledgeable about fashion than people of apparel industries though he was a one of typical salary man that came to my shop and then I asked him about the matter of a shoelace instead of a belt. He taught me that skaters was using shoelaces instead of a belt because the belt rubbed their body and it hurt when they Continue Reading →

Vol. 169 Yousei Suzuki

What is the difference between a person who can continue to have highly conscious in work and the person who can not? I am the latter one and I am always unconsciously soft to myself . So I sometimes feel terribly sorry for people around me when it comes for me to apply this situation with them. Recently, my position on the job changed and then I thought that I want to be a person who is able to make tense atmosphere at work somehow. However, the other’s evaluation and my ideals were far apart and they even seemed to lost their tension when they were with me. So I Continue Reading →

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