Vol. 98 Short Film 11

ART Edition.Both emerging and OG of Japanese artist……. Love ART for life!!   ChocomooKyoto-born illustrator “Chocomoo“. Despite her pop and creative artwork collaborating with Harajuku, Kawaii culture, originally she consider herself as to have a root in Hip Hop, Street and even Japanese traditional aesthetic with her creation. She also considered herself as a temple aficionado that her style is made out of synergy with both western pop art and the beauty of Japanese temples and shrines. Self-taught artist is also inspired by Japanese calligraphy that she used to use Chinese ink to draw pop art when she was a child. Her artwork has been collaborated with various mega brands, photographer, Continue Reading →

Vol. 92 Short Film 10

COFFEE EDITIONSince Japan has been rocking these caffeinated buzz so called ” third wave coffee” or even “Fourth” is thought to be coming along with these entities here in the heart of Japan. Please take a look at these clips.   JAM STAND COFFEEIkejiri Ohashi (池尻大橋), place where it is considered to be one of the hip place in Tokyo, so many creative and talent of individuals lives out here plus definitely rich ones also. Along with the coffee booming in Japan, some of individual coffee aficionados and major coffee retailers teamed up each other to name themselves as the “Town of Coffee Ikejiri Ohashi“. One of these bean heads, ”Jam Continue Reading →

Vol. 82 Short Film 9

 DEEPER’S WEARSucceeded on crowdfunding via “Makuake“, one of the biggest crowdfunding website in Japan, they have collected more than three times fund than what they needed, showing how Japanese fashionistas are into their ethos of clothes named as “Life-Spec Wear”. The clip above is just one of their clothes product that it demonstrate “Shiwa no nai Shiawase” which directly translated as “The happiness without wrinkles” with a rhyming in Japanese. Their concept is to explore the possibility of getting rid of the limitation of choice with weather and environment that surround us. The clothes that rules your everyday lifestyle would be an inconvenient factor for all of us that we would Continue Reading →

Vol. 73 Short Film 8

 Peanuts&Co.A dude behind this accessory brand “Peanuts&Co.” Mr. Yoshiki Suzuki, after his birth in late 70’s, he has been fascinated by the world of photograph. Camera and taking photo have been always his source of inspiration while he comes across with various cultures from all over the world through his journey. Producing catalogs for fashion entities, working on a image project with corporate companies, wide range of projects put him as one of well-known photographer’s list that should keep an eye on. Philosophy in this brand tells us to appreciate and to respect something that’s been here in this world longer than ourselves. Old vintage comical short clip show us Continue Reading →

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