Our Story

Platform and Patriotic
We are a locally-focused online destination that display what Japanese entities have to offer to the world.


We have always been big followers of what attracts us: fashion, style, culture, art and people. As Japanese born-and-raised individuals, we have always wanted to be a part of something through which we can introduce ourselves to the world and broadcast …from our complex culture as well.

In our opinion, there are only a few media outlets that really convey what Japan has to offer to the world but it’s not enough. We often wonder if many people think about the fact that we are often on the receiving end of information, and not so much the producing side.

Thinking about “Cool Japan”, an idea that has been widely broadcasted over the past ten years, our image is quite different to the information available. Since that’s the case, we decided, “Why not publish our own perceptions independently? 


我々は日本人が世界の中で多方面で才能を発揮出来ると考えており、素晴らしい方々がたくさんいると考えています。日本人としての誇りを胸に秘め、日本から世界に発信するプラットフォームとして僕達が考える”Cool Japan”をお伝えし、僕達の力で日本のイメージをより良いものへと変えたい、という思いです。
Paragon and Perspective
We provide knowledge with insightful commentary and pass it down to the next generation. 


What is the “ideal” individual like?

Most people have this idea at some point in their life.

One of our members, who lost his father over ten years ago shared his thoughts on this once and we still think about it even now. In the course of our lives, we continuously gain knowledge through our experiences which is the basis of forming our goals, purpose and attitude. It could be said that what we are able to achieve in the present is directly related to the accumulation of these experiences. However, in losing his mentor back then he might have missed out on something along the way.

At this age, with us being together on the same page, we hope our journey will give him a new point of view and answers on what defines “ideal” as an individual. We also believe that our perspective will give our readers tips on how to be an “ideal” individuals. Like how history tells us that something remains through the bond from generation to generation, we also believe that whatever we have gained should not just stay with us, it needs to be passed down to those close to us.

Philosophy and Passion
We bring ourselves together to learn, support and encourage each other so that 
we simultaneously become what we would like to be.
The current generation including us, Gen Y has been dramatically and amazingly connected via social media and network services. There is a concern that the overuse of technology will cause various issues, however – there is always the flip side of a coin:

In connecting with one another, we believe we could be a collective that can participate in the greater good by sharing our thoughts and establishing a new community using co-existence as the key.

Our personal ambition is to communicate with like-minded people and globally inspire as many people as possible about things that we are passionate about.
Preparation and Profession
For the future, we need to prepare for what’s ahead with a sense of professionalism.
As a host nation, much preparation is required to welcome anyone from anywhere in the world to let you have as many experiences as you can.

Helping you to get to know one particular side of Japan in turn will bring additional excitement for our own country.
In 2015, Japan was one of the most visited countries in the world and we would like to keep welcoming you back so that it becomes one of your most favorite countries to return to.

We think that it is mandatory as not just Japanese citizens, but professionals, to also broadcast who and what we are to the world. If we are proud of our home country, we need to step forward to create and be a part of a movement where we can all wholeheartedly represent Japan.
These are our basic philosophies and we would like to showcase talents and entrepreneurs from all over Japan and Japanese from all over the world. By continuing their pursuits, they might not have time to let people know about them and their work but despite this, we are sure there is always someone looking out for them. Through providing information in both English and Japanese, we’d like to support them to share their vision with anyone in the world.

こんな感じでしょうか。笑 基本的には日本各地、世界中ににいらっしゃる素敵で才能を持った日本人の方々や努力をしている日本人、存在を世界へ伝えたいなという思いで続けています。時にはその才能や努力に費やす時間が多く、他の事をする事が困難な時もあるかもしれません。しかし、常に誰かがどこかで応援している事を彼らに知らせてあげるべく、我々は動いているのです。


Thanks for taking the time to participate in this with us, and any questions or comments are always appreciated.



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