Vol. 60 Boro “Textile Art”

These holidays, it was probably a little too late for this, The Obon, originally the name of the container in Japanese. These little (well some people are having a week) vacation has a special meaning behind it. It basically means days or considered to be a holidays where we welcome spirits and ancestors so that families are gathered together to appreciate out lives with their history that has build upon us. Welcoming our ancestor on 13th of August and send them back on the 16th. A lot of Japanese companies are shut down at these times so that people are able to take long holiday just to get back to Continue Reading →


The tourists from China, “Inbound” (usually this term is used for those who recently come from Asian Region in general) are buzzing our market especially from the beginning of 2015. Along with a devaluation of the yen, more and more of those people are heading inbound to Japan in order to explore what this small, yet unique land of rising sun has to offer. These Chinese tourists would spend more than half of their viaticum with shopping compared with other tourists that generally do the opposite. What’s interesting here is that they also love “Made in Japan” product. Aside from all negatives gossips against them, they are now becoming one Continue Reading →