Vol. 117 Individualist “Chptr 6 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with BOOZE DESIGN WORKS on Vol. 115 Individualist “Chptr 6 and Vrs 1”.We get caught up with what we do and not much of a time to think about what we really want to do versus what we do now. Some degrees of commitment must be needed in order to change how we want our life to to be but we are so afraid to make a change. And one of our excuse would be a “busy”. I do tend to say “busy” all the fucking time but is it really that busy to the point where being busy is nothing but an excuse for doing something much Continue Reading →

Vol. 116 Individualist “Chptr 6 and Vrs 1”

Another chapter took place. I got to know him “BOOZE DESIGN WORKS” through internet that I happened to purchase an art book from his e-commerce site. I found out that he also owns brick-and-mortar store in Koenji so immediately right after I received an art book that I have been looking for, my lazy ass left my house to go visit his place. it was literally a first time that I met up with him but he and his friend were chilling at his place talking and I was lucky enough to join their conversation because we all had one thing in common. the place where I live, there is Continue Reading →