Vol. 77 New Year Resolution

My belated New Year has come. I have been dealing with cold for about almost everyday since this year started and even now I am struggling with some sort of unidentified sickness. I feel like I need to do something so I write now. I did not really have a fresh start by wrapping up my last year because I was simply lazy all the way across from year-end to year beginning. If I could tell myself of what I should do then keep doing this shit pretty much everyday for what I would like to pursue as well as organizing my life with my half-assed intention. Still, hard to Continue Reading →

Vol. 61 Zoshigaya Tezukuri-ichi

Weekends, days you get off from what most of us get caught up with, many people rest easy to reset their mind by spending their time with themselves or just to hang out with their friends to stay away from reality that they encounter on weekdays. I personally happened not to have days like that, rather I would spend these days for seeking what is going on in Japan to broadcast so that world can get to know there is always something interesting happening here in the center of Japan, Tokyo. I have been spending most of my time craving for something to write about these days. There seems to Continue Reading →

Vol. 54 Handmade In Japan Fes 2015

Last Saturday, I brought myself out to this exhibition called HandMade In Japan Fes 2015. This exhibition is known to be one of the biggest handcrafted fair in Japan. Started from 2013, third time opening organized by Creema, online handcraft product market, Japanese version of Etsy connect creator from all over Japan to handcraft enthusiast, attract many visitors to let them cruise around what they are being offered. About 5000 creators get together to have their own booth to exhibit their art pieces. I went to this place on the first day around noon and it was already full of people lining up for entering the site and I did Continue Reading →


As a kid from suburb area, I do remember that the community, people around me plays great roll with my life. Whatever you do, regardless of who you are with or even by yourself, someone is always watching over you to support for what you do whether it is a stupid prank that no one would be appreciated or going to a dangerous place to seek for an excitement. I also remember that neighbors scold me quite often around my house for the damage and improper behavior that I cause from fucking around. It was a pain in the ass at that moment but also taught me how lucky I Continue Reading →

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