As a kid from suburb area, I do remember that the community, people around me plays great roll with my life. Whatever you do, regardless of who you are with or even by yourself, someone is always watching over you to support for what you do whether it is a stupid prank that no one would be appreciated or going to a dangerous place to seek for an excitement. I also remember that neighbors scold me quite often around my house for the damage and improper behavior that I cause from fucking around. It was a pain in the ass at that moment but also taught me how lucky I Continue Reading →


From the consumer’s point of view, usually one would never reach out to the point of how products are made and who created them unless you really are into that kind of things. I used to be one of them that whatever product I think it is stylish to put on and be affordable with my financial allowance (well, sometimes I underestimated my potential for my wallet), I used to buy them quite often. Just because you would like to project yourself in the way that being judged by your cover from people will be the initial mindset that you come up with. I think it is definitely an undeniable Continue Reading →