Vol. 95 Sleepy.ab

Last night, I went to “Daughter” Japan tour at liquid room in Ebisu. The gig was first one-man show for them. And there was very cute accident happened during this gig. It was about Elena dissed Igor’s weird T-shirt which he bought it for 5 $ at Wall market during MCing and she could not sing because she was locked in with his T-shirt and could not stop laughing about it. I had an awesome time last night. I love them so much. I hope you guys come again!  I would like to post about an artist who is from north area of Japan. I would call them Sigur Ros of Continue Reading →

Vol. 40 monokraft

This weekend, I went to check out some interesting gallery/place/exhibition to fulfill my curiosity and get myself out from my own comfort zone. Each of these places has different location in Tokyo and it seemed to me that the walk was like one big trip overseas for me even though it was probably a not-so-damn-faraway distance like my home to couple stations away. I realized that I should get my ass up to explore Japan at least on the weekend in order to discover what really Japan has to offer even though I can let myself travel everywhere, whenever I want. These places I visited, I will talk about them Continue Reading →