Vol. 125 Teen Runnings

It has been almost a month since I posted my last article. There were few things that I had been doing for a while but I was not so busy. I did not write articles simply from lazy as habit of mine. I personally think that it is a characteristic of women to have an interest in many things or to be fickle-minded. But it is just an excuse for me and it is also too late as to regret. I am going to change my attitude from today and devote myself to writing articles.Recently, I noticed couple chirping of cicadas outside and then, I felt a bit dismal because Continue Reading →

Vol. 19 Kenji Hashimoto “Orthopedic Shoe Maker”

Leather shoes lovers, have you ever felt that your brand-new shoes are too brand-new that you feel pain wearing them? We all know that as you wear them overtimes, those will eventually fit your structure of foot, thanks to the leather that have capability of adaptation and flexibility. Proper footwear on the other hand, looking for the right pairs, regardless of types of shoes, is always pain in the ass. Feeling a little bit of awkwardness is your initial encounter when you wear a pair of shoes and wondering how you can fix it. If you are willing to spend some time to get rid of that first sense of Continue Reading →

Vol. 14 Koku

A little while ago, there was a combination of holidays called golden week in Japan and usually people are going back to their hometown, spending times with their lovers, getting away from all the disturbing lapse of time that we put ourselves into for everyday life. I don’t blame for the society nor I don’t run a moral risk by scapegoating the company that I belonged, I was not quite feeling comfortable with that lapse of time spent on things at my ex-company that I find them bored as fuck. However, we all know for sure that you also find it bored as fuck when plenty of times hang heavy on Continue Reading →