Vol. 113 Individualist “Chptr 4 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Takafumi Sekine on Vol. 112 Individualist “Chptr 4 and Vrs 1”.I was honestly thinking that he was one of the biggest folks in Japanese fashion industries so that I felt little scared to conduct an interview with him. Because people like him are entitled to receive an offer from various media, not just from one random person like me trying to pursue a dream to make it come true. He was actually featured on international media such as hypebeast. I believe that people from around the world truly appreciate for Japanese’s clean and innovative style. However, I think that Japan is still just one of mere place Continue Reading →

Vol. 112 Individualist “Chptr 4 and Vrs 1”

Established in 2011, I was blessed to conduct an interview with this guy behind the brand “meagratia“, Mr. Takafumi Sekine. With years of being an intern and a student at Tokyo Mode Gakuen, he finally set his boat to sail to the men’s fashion game. I was actually writing an article about him long time ago and it was horrible as I looked back into my writing and everything. However, it will eventually become my series of memorabilia so it is all good to me haha. I hope nothing would bother him though.  He is such a nice and gentle guy that I am really looking forward to having an Continue Reading →