Vol. 83 handson grip

Foreigners, (gaikokujin or gaijin in more insulting way) I basically do not like to call those names to someone who is coming from another world to enjoy this complicated city, Tokyo. Regardless of he visits here just for a vacation or she came here for work, more and more of them are seen here in Tokyo just like I was one of them out there in the states. “pechakucha”, this is one of the gather-up places for them to get to know local scene in Tokyo that I had a chance to visit to. I guess this activity is more of a TED-ish gather-up conference, meeting up event that I Continue Reading →

Vol. 7 CURLY

If you are thinking of buying something to your wardrobe, when you endeavor to look for something new to your closet, what exactly the factors that you decide to purchase? There must be some requirement that you think it is important, probably such as design, price, and quality. These are three essentials that you probably ever thought of. When it comes to add a new list on my wardrobe, however, of course depending on papers that my own wallet carries, I like it when I see the concept of the brand, how they create their product with something that they believe. Those essentials that I mentioned earlier are obviously tangible Continue Reading →