Vol. 99 Klan Aileen

I went to an event called “NEWWW”, a regular event hosted by “WWW” and currently some of the hottest indie bands of Tokyo take part in the event. The day was just 10th anniversary, professional bands like Suchmos, Awesome City Club performed in there in the past and this event is known as the gateway go-to place to major debut now.Most of the audience in there were actually in younger than me I supposed. But I enjoyed the gigs in first row of the venue without caring about it so much. I listen to music of the 3 bands who lead to Tokyo’s indie music scene and all of them Continue Reading →

Vol. 73 Short Film 8

 Peanuts&Co.A dude behind this accessory brand “Peanuts&Co.” Mr. Yoshiki Suzuki, after his birth in late 70’s, he has been fascinated by the world of photograph. Camera and taking photo have been always his source of inspiration while he comes across with various cultures from all over the world through his journey. Producing catalogs for fashion entities, working on a image project with corporate companies, wide range of projects put him as one of well-known photographer’s list that should keep an eye on. Philosophy in this brand tells us to appreciate and to respect something that’s been here in this world longer than ourselves. Old vintage comical short clip show us Continue Reading →