Vol. 135 Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 5”

Following on interview with Tommy “Charincoffee” on  Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 4”.   This is something that I do not usually get to think about. Or Probably it might not be the time to actually put my mind into this type of thought. A family and a kid. As I have been single for a while, it is always good to have someone that welcome you and gives you a smile when you got home. I wish there would be the day that I can legitimately think about what we talked about below. Still, part of me would like to give myself a room to be single just to be Continue Reading →

Vol. 133 Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 4”

Following on interview with Tommy “Charincoffee” on  Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 3”.   About half an year ago, I got to know what he is talking about. Literally to me that bicycle is nothing but a one of my ways to keep staying fit (well, just to move my body not to gain weight or some sort) or it is just one of ways to go somewhere when it might be pain in the ass to just walk. I have been using typical japanese bicycle called “mamachari” (ママチャリ) for a long time. Now it has been almost a year since one of my friend kindly gave me a road Continue Reading →

Vol. 131 Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 3”

The beginning of June, I guess it was couple month before this heat gets us in my way. I was invited to a bar that he is fond of. A owner who is nobody but a stylish cool dude that he welcomed us and guided us to the place he prepared and I got to start an interview. It was almost as if we were interviewing each other haha. Mellow music was in this room floating around to give us chill vibes and I was really relaxed to conduct an interview with him.  It feels like it was a long time ago and I was kind of embarrassed to say Continue Reading →

Vol. 130 Broken Little Sister Interview Part. 2

Following on an interview with Mr. Horiuchi on Vol. 129 Broken Little Sister Interview Part. 1 This time, I could listen to stories focusing on his perspective as a Japanese. Even though I did interview about japan or Japanese with some artists on this blog, I, myself do not have definite opinions about those questions. However, he answered so clearly in a way that is easy to understand from experiences of himself in this interview. Recently, they had gigs in Shanghai. There would be so many things that I would love to ask him about music scene of Shanghai as well. I thought that I have to live daily life more actively or creatively not to waste Continue Reading →

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