Vol.132 Amia Calva

I went on a trip to Guam this week with my friend. It’s been a while since I went overseas. I amazingly enjoyed myself and I was able to get myself refreshed so much. I could see clownfishes in beautiful sea of Guam for the first time and I was just chilling out by seaside whole day. So I fully enjoyed a tropical country itself. There were so many Asian tourists there and local people spoke Japanese very frequently ( I was really surprised that a local bus driver said “Mairimasu”, it means “we are heading off” in Japanese when leaves.), it was too comfortable to feel the best part of Continue Reading →

Vol. 98 Short Film 11

ART Edition.Both emerging and OG of Japanese artist……. Love ART for life!!   ChocomooKyoto-born illustrator “Chocomoo“. Despite her pop and creative artwork collaborating with Harajuku, Kawaii culture, originally she consider herself as to have a root in Hip Hop, Street and even Japanese traditional aesthetic with her creation. She also considered herself as a temple aficionado that her style is made out of synergy with both western pop art and the beauty of Japanese temples and shrines. Self-taught artist is also inspired by Japanese calligraphy that she used to use Chinese ink to draw pop art when she was a child. Her artwork has been collaborated with various mega brands, photographer, Continue Reading →

Vol. 90 Blonde Redhead

I have a lot of things to do at work and just finished 5 days-in a row work today. I was exhausted and I wanted to do something to get rid of this stress. But I did not have an energy to gather up haha so I decided to watch a movie instead, ’’Hateful 8” after work. I do not like particularly Tarantino’s movie but it was not too bad. A man next to me started eating cheese bread. It smelled like hell. I could not help it. As I thought he finally finished a quite pongy bread, he took another whiffy bread out of his backpack! You guys should Continue Reading →


With all the fear that I was facing being a society dropout, I finally start to pull myself out of its devastating state yet fun and a mindset of freedom in this month. I would not call myself a NEET (ニート) but somehow part of me accept who I might be as that. Of all the things that I have been thinking about does not really mean anything unless something needs to be made into action so I decided to actually be a part of society again. It has been ok for the most part but I feel like what I am doing is not something that I really want, Continue Reading →

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