Vol. 138 Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Minezaki-san “This Way” on  Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 1” I used to skate when I was little kid. It wasn’t the style that a lot of skate community look up to. I was more of a kid just to explore around my town with my friends to feel the speed and air. Doing tricks was not my thing though I had tried and I got injured so bad that I decided to quit since. Ever since I quit skateboarding, still I sometimes go on to the Internet to check out some of the talented folks to wonder what it is to become one of them. Continue Reading →

Vol. 137 Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 1”

Next chapter. I saw his products out of nowhere at Design Festa and immediately fell in love with them. So minimalistic with a twist of funny board that pretty much everyone knows about this logo (we will show you later). He wasn’t there at his own booth at the time when I visited but his collections were getting a lot of attention as well as one of the very photogenic ones out of his products out there. After a while, I saw his product on my computer again to make me reach out to him. He is a laid back dude and kind at heart. Let’s find out what he Continue Reading →

Vol. 40 monokraft

This weekend, I went to check out some interesting gallery/place/exhibition to fulfill my curiosity and get myself out from my own comfort zone. Each of these places has different location in Tokyo and it seemed to me that the walk was like one big trip overseas for me even though it was probably a not-so-damn-faraway distance like my home to couple stations away. I realized that I should get my ass up to explore Japan at least on the weekend in order to discover what really Japan has to offer even though I can let myself travel everywhere, whenever I want. These places I visited, I will talk about them Continue Reading →


Monozukri or Monodukuri, those words simply mean making things in Japanese. Those ideas are one of the core principles that I would like to let you folks know. They infused with profound impression of skilled artisans putting so much effort on their work, striving for their ideal perfection regardless of time and cost. Picture those blue-collar workers, they are dusty, gritty dudes with dirty hands and stained clothing. I find those states of men as sexy as fine gorgeous lady. Pouring your heart and soul to create something is such a noble attitude I think. Toyama-based company “FUTAGAMI”, they can show their spirit of those ideas and attitudes with brass.Initially Continue Reading →

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