Vol. 124 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with “EACHTIME.” on Vol. 123 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 1” As I am blessed to have this interview with him, I cannot even count how many times I have realized that I have such a westernized way of thinking things. I believe that, in a good way, he is one of the great example of how we, as a Japanese, think and react when questions like these being asked. I have no intention of giving him a hard time though I feel he might have had it for sure. My apologies for him though I am really honored to get to know how he thinks from my Continue Reading →

Vol. 123 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 1”

Another great individualist.  Remember what has happened in northern part of Japan in 2011? Sendai, where devastating tsunami had impacted this city so bad that still I believe there are great numbers of people who suffer from it. I have been following this dude from there “EACHTIME.” I did not get to talk about this because I thought that I was not even allowed to talk about this. My half-hearted condolence would not do much for them and him as well. At the time when this incident had happened, I was not even in Japan. that being said, I thought that I would not be able to give my thought and Continue Reading →


If you were a color, what would you be? Along with your favorite color that you sometimes are being asked as well as your race containing a bit of racial slur and funny, sarcastic sense of humor. I would be gray to pick and the banana was my first racial slur, yet with a humorous explanation, that I thought it was really hitting the nail on the head from my point of view. Japanese could be categorized as banana wannabe I assume. Including me, they are so into western culture that you could obviously see how it turned out in Japan. What can you tell us about the fact that Continue Reading →