Vol. 171 Individualist “Chptr 18 and Vrs 2” hykrx

Following on interview with hykrx-san “hykrx” on   “Vol. 168 Individualist “Chptr 18 and Vrs 1” hykrx”.   Been really busy and I am in the state of not being able to complete my task nor to do list for now. I really wonder how people will do things that they need to do one by one. Do they set the priority for their list of things they need to do and erase them every time when they did one by one? This has been one of the problem that I cannot beat for so long that I am not even looking for the answer for that. However, I feel Continue Reading →

Vol. 168 Individualist “Chptr 18 and Vrs 1” hykrx

I feel like there are so many things in my mind that I can’t line them up in order to get them done one by one. I feel like a bit of panic at the moment lol. Part of me would think that I should get them done as soon as possible but other part of me tends to forget them because of the fact that actually there would be another task that pop up out of nowhere. this bad habit keep coming to me and I have no control over right now. I know this can be a negative effect so that I also tend to get them off Continue Reading →

Vol. 82 Short Film 9

 DEEPER’S WEARSucceeded on crowdfunding via “Makuake“, one of the biggest crowdfunding website in Japan, they have collected more than three times fund than what they needed, showing how Japanese fashionistas are into their ethos of clothes named as “Life-Spec Wear”. The clip above is just one of their clothes product that it demonstrate “Shiwa no nai Shiawase” which directly translated as “The happiness without wrinkles” with a rhyming in Japanese. Their concept is to explore the possibility of getting rid of the limitation of choice with weather and environment that surround us. The clothes that rules your everyday lifestyle would be an inconvenient factor for all of us that we would Continue Reading →

Vol. 13 teesica

When I was teens, I used to work at teahouse as a part-time job in the middle of place called Nara-Park where bunch of historic monuments of ancient Nara are located near there. The Great Buddha of Nara is always looking after for us with the thoughts of deep awareness of things that the average person will never know. When it comes to conduct a survey of questions “What is your initial image of Nara?” , probably most of Japanese people would answer “Deer”. Those animals are protected and they are never going to be hunted. They happen to bow to us just like Japanese does. However, they are treated Continue Reading →

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