Vol. 96 GODOL

Sometimes I wonder what is someone’s secret(s) that needs to be hidden. This is also one of the curiosity-driven types of personality I have that I would simply like to get to know something from someone behind their bars. Whatever the reason that one is keeping his secret from anyone else regardless of types, it always has a story to tell. Story that is not willing to be heard or exposed, and sometimes it has been oppressed for a long time that it became the index from each one of Pandora’s box. I believe that same system might apply to secret when you are being dishonest, you would have to Continue Reading →


Psychological adjustment, I just thought about it from middle of nowhere at certain point as I was starting to write about something in my mind. I remember clearly that once I was in the land of freedom (cliché indeed, but not quite at various point), I literally needed to change my personality in order to say something out loud when it comes to speak in English. I am pretty sure that for those who learn how to speak Japanese would encounter this shift change so that they do not have to mess with Japanese by saying something straight-forward or directly to them.We are considered to be one of the sorry-ass Continue Reading →

Vol. 81 TYG

Mid-young-life crisis, I was overhearing one couple on the train talking about their life in the midst of ambiguity. They said that as we live in this hopeless city in Tokyo, your motivation with your dream would be sucked away by working too hard and spending their own precious time just to ease yourself from everyday struggle. I believe that your quality of life would basically be set by how hard you put your effort on your job. But this couple had been nothing but bitching about their work endlessly till I got out to my station. I wonder how many people are satisfied enough to say that their life Continue Reading →

Vol. 64 Short Film 7

 The Superior LaborOkayama (岡山), denim aficionados are familiar with this place for the industry of jeans making, also this place is known as the heart of handmade products. This short clip is from brand called “The Superior Labor”. The process of making a bag is nothing but worth just taking a look at it. Spending time and effort to create from raw fabric and leather show us how important not to skimp on doing something that you love and appreciate the process of creating something with hands. This feeling might not be only me but seeing someone making things or doing something is actually really fascinating especially things that you Continue Reading →

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