Vol. 82 Short Film 9

 DEEPER’S WEARSucceeded on crowdfunding via “Makuake“, one of the biggest crowdfunding website in Japan, they have collected more than three times fund than what they needed, showing how Japanese fashionistas are into their ethos of clothes named as “Life-Spec Wear”. The clip above is just one of their clothes product that it demonstrate “Shiwa no nai Shiawase” which directly translated as “The happiness without wrinkles” with a rhyming in Japanese. Their concept is to explore the possibility of getting rid of the limitation of choice with weather and environment that surround us. The clothes that rules your everyday lifestyle would be an inconvenient factor for all of us that we would Continue Reading →


I am not quite a historian here myself but as far as I know, Okinawa, where a lot of us think this destination would be a xanadu for us as a vacation as well as where it was the center of the war codenamed Operation Iceberg. Hell, I am not going to explain what the war is all about but I am pretty sure I have to take a look at it as a Japanese.For about 5 years, following the end of World War II in 1945 (around 1947 from my research) until 1952 with a restoration of full sovereignty back to Japan, the economy was so bad that Japan Continue Reading →