Vol. 169 Yousei Suzuki

What is the difference between a person who can continue to have highly conscious in work and the person who can not? I am the latter one and I am always unconsciously soft to myself . So I sometimes feel terribly sorry for people around me when it comes for me to apply this situation with them. Recently, my position on the job changed and then I thought that I want to be a person who is able to make tense atmosphere at work somehow. However, the other’s evaluation and my ideals were far apart and they even seemed to lost their tension when they were with me. So I Continue Reading →

Vol. 128 Seira Mirror

Unfortunately, I found out that girls band called “Jesus mirror” in OSAKA just broke up last December when I surfed the Internet. And then, I knew that one of the band members, “Seira Mirror” have continued her activities as a solo artist. So I would love to introduce her on this blog today. She has a pretty cute look and I think she plays her music as a solo artist with great vitality because she loves music so much. The feminine, sensitive, and  purely dreamy sound is so beautiful. Please check her out. I keenly felt my immaturity this week. I am always passive and I do not care about various Continue Reading →


Ah… studying English is always very tough for me. I have habit of compromising when I face difficult problems. So I should try to cure this habit of myself.Last Sunday, I went to RITSURIN park in Kagawa on my way to hometown. As the day was a middle day of three-days weekend, there were a lot of people in the park. Horsetails was coming out all over the lawn.   The residence of the second picture is called KIKUGETSUTEI. The kanji for KIKU means to scoop and GETSU means moon. So the origin of the name of KIKUGETSUTEI is a Chinese poet in tang period which means that a lord could see Continue Reading →

Vol. 86 HATSKI

Onlooker, This is recently a word that I learned. Probably if I were to explain my personality in one word, this is one of the best descriptions that I have ever come up with. Not that I mean I am just one of curious or cynical one, I would just recall myself more of a right or left handed person that I simply do not want to be featured on the top of something or CEO with some sort. Probably I would sometimes considered myself as half-assed, irresponsible loser at certain point of my life or this is one of my Japanese traits that standing out would be something that Continue Reading →

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