Vol.170 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 2” S.M

Following on interview with Seiji Mccarthy-san “Seiji Mccarthy” on “Vol.167 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 1” S.M”    I am not really sure how I should put this feeling but this might be coming from the fact that I might be one of typical Gen Y attitude or not… or I could say I hate to think logically.. Someone would say that I do not really have a passion for anything or i was told that you sometimes act like a jerk haha. Whatever they say, it all comes down to find an excuse of being one of those people that have a full access to whatever you wanna know Continue Reading →

Vol.167 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 1” S.M

First of all, I would like to say that I have been away from this platform for so long that I almost forgot how to run lol. Just because my life has changed in a way that I get way more busier than last year. I know this is an excuse over and over again. So I just stick with what I do here again one last time. I would love to keep doing this ongoing journey with great peeps that I get to know so please allow me to continue.  This time, I got to know him through social media and he was willingly to be patient with me Continue Reading →

Vol. 149 Individualist “Chptr 14 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Teranishi-san “Teranishi Studio” on  “Individualist “Chptr 14 and Vrs 1”. I spend some time to write about something out of my own head randomly here in this platform but I can’t help but to write a bit and erase it and then write…. I should focus more for it shouldn’t I? haha. This episode, he talks about how he embrace his nationality and root of Japanese and American. I might be a bit deep for him to talk about it so my apologies for that! Anyways, some of his quotes pretty much remind me that I experienced this feeling of what we are as Japanese. Maybe Continue Reading →

Vol. 148 Individualist “Chptr 14 and Vrs 1”

Another individualist. I have been wanting to keep in touch with great folks like him from all over the world and he let me have a great time chatting with him through mail. A little bit of sorry-ass moment that person like me to get in touch with him and talk about my intention, he kindly gave me a time to do that and this opportunity means a lot to me. I also learned a lot and I really hope to visit where he lives and meet in person. Unfortunately, it may seem easy to find people like him because of the influx of the Internet. However, physical distance would Continue Reading →

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