Vol. 147 Individualist “Chptr 13 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Yamakawa-san “Panic Junkie” on  “Individualist “Chptr 13 and Vrs 1”. One of the interesting quote that he mentioned almost changed my perspective about what I do. This new perspective gave me the idea that how people justify something that they believe it is right but it might be wrong according to his statement. Or I would just let it be and leave it as just one of topics as to argue about. His “on point” and simple answers had greatly impacted on my way of thinking things. Thanks to him with his analytical yet plain comment that he gave to me, I could dig into my Continue Reading →

Vol. 145 Individualist “Chptr 13 and Vrs 1”

As I explore this influx of information from the Internet, I met up with this entity. Comical, yet cynical and satire logos and kitsch design drew my attention not to hesitate to get in touch with person behind this at-first-sight as T-shirt brand. As simple as he could be, he kindly answered my questions. Sometimes my questions were irrelevant and out of nowhere type of questions.. That was actually what he thought and I could definitely give him a hard time to read them through to think about what he had to say. I should have been more prepared to give someone questions…. My apologies for that. Anyways, He definitely gave Continue Reading →

Vol. 141 Individualist “Chptr 11 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Yamaguchi-san “B” on  “Individualist “Chptr 11 and Vrs 1” I started this platform as to broadcast what the local Japanese are up to plus a little bit of my sloppy daily thought. Yet, As I look back to my previous article (or should I even call them articles?) talking about great entities here in Japan. Most of things I could see was my crappy bitching. I mentioned couple times that I was unfortunate enough to encounter some of bad things that had happened to me.   And now I somehow notice that your turmoil of unspoken thought might be better off to let it out but Continue Reading →

Vol. 139 Individualist “Chptr 11 and Vrs 1”

At the time when I was writing this article, I was about to meet up with a guy behind this entity. As Japanese as he could be, I think that he is super polite and genuine through his e-mail, I am so excited to meet up with him and conduct an interview and hopefully he would be as I imagined. People like him should be my ideal way as a man and I could not be more hands-down to his attitude for someone snob like me. With all those misunderstanding and unfortunate things that had happened to me through what I do since I started this platform, this opportunity will Continue Reading →

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