Vol.170 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 2” S.M

Following on interview with Seiji Mccarthy-san “Seiji Mccarthy” on “Vol.167 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 1” S.M”    I am not really sure how I should put this feeling but this might be coming from the fact that I might be one of typical Gen Y attitude or not… or I could say I hate to think logically.. Someone would say that I do not really have a passion for anything or i was told that you sometimes act like a jerk haha. Whatever they say, it all comes down to find an excuse of being one of those people that have a full access to whatever you wanna know Continue Reading →

Vol.167 Individualist “Chptr 17 and Vrs 1” S.M

First of all, I would like to say that I have been away from this platform for so long that I almost forgot how to run lol. Just because my life has changed in a way that I get way more busier than last year. I know this is an excuse over and over again. So I just stick with what I do here again one last time. I would love to keep doing this ongoing journey with great peeps that I get to know so please allow me to continue.  This time, I got to know him through social media and he was willingly to be patient with me Continue Reading →

Vol. 51 YOAK Tokyo

Couple months had been past since I was away from all those skyscrapers that stand out in the center of Japan. I could barely survive for myself with everything that I have got right now to be honest with a support of others. Yet, I consistently keep myself up for what I would like to do in order to seek for my future. However, not everyone is willing to take that opportunity to think that way. Of course it is already a cliché that people experience up and down for life that they cannot ignore. Taking some risks to be able to do what motivates us might be hard for Continue Reading →

Vol. 49 blueover

One of the retailer maven in Japan “United Arrows”, their concept shop “United Arrows & Sons” has released its AW concept as “Indigo” recently. Proposed idea will be featured with Japanese traditional method such as indigo and Sashiko (Japanese quilting method). Through their filter, the idea of “Japanese Native” is projected with products such as indigo-dyed work wear that is manufactured in Miyazaki Prefecture. You can see a sneak-peek here with few pictures. Along with these fashion giants, I see some featured articles overseas on Japanese product as well as the boom of “Made in Japan” has gradually been earning some fame over these couple years. Still, when it comes Continue Reading →

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