Vol. 138 Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Minezaki-san “This Way” on  Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 1” I used to skate when I was little kid. It wasn’t the style that a lot of skate community look up to. I was more of a kid just to explore around my town with my friends to feel the speed and air. Doing tricks was not my thing though I had tried and I got injured so bad that I decided to quit since. Ever since I quit skateboarding, still I sometimes go on to the Internet to check out some of the talented folks to wonder what it is to become one of them. Continue Reading →

Vol. 137 Individualist “Chptr 10 and Vrs 1”

Next chapter. I saw his products out of nowhere at Design Festa and immediately fell in love with them. So minimalistic with a twist of funny board that pretty much everyone knows about this logo (we will show you later). He wasn’t there at his own booth at the time when I visited but his collections were getting a lot of attention as well as one of the very photogenic ones out of his products out there. After a while, I saw his product on my computer again to make me reach out to him. He is a laid back dude and kind at heart. Let’s find out what he Continue Reading →