Vol. 152 Individualist “Chptr 15 and Vrs 2”

There has been so much stuff that need to be done and I cannot help but to cut out the time to keep doing this platform. Also it would be such a hard to be persistent in doing something. Though I felt that I am a little bit overwhelmed with my shit tons of list that I need to work such as to get in touch with people whom I am interested in, making an appointment, and translate as much as I can. I guess I could say my situation just started to change again for the better. Be prepared and work hard just to proceed I think haha. Life Continue Reading →

Vol. 151 Individualist “Chptr 15 and Vrs 1”

Living in Tokyo can be troublesome I suppose. Getting caught up with your same routine and not having enough time to ease yourself can be definitely a bitch. As I talked with a guy behind this brand, I imagine what it is to be living in a suburb and surrounded by the nature to help your family and friends. I have been far away from doing that and wish I could do it immediately. Well, when a time comes again, then probably I will bring myself out there to do what needs to be done. “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another” quote by Pop Continue Reading →


The summer is almost there, technically it will actually take quite a time to feel the scorching heat with holy-smoking humid that Japan can maliciously offer. Those who has experienced the summer time in Japan, some of you folks have definitely some sort of ill-consideration not to come back to Japan again. well, there is something that Japan is willingly offer for you.NALUTO TRUNKSIn 1975, The company was established and founder Mr. Yamaguchi’s son, Kiyoshi is the guy who created these amazing swimwear. Himself as surf-addict who started to make those products as one of his hobbies, found by legendary Surf art/illustrator Koji Toyoda, he himself was realized how incredible Continue Reading →