Vol. 98 Short Film 11

ART Edition.Both emerging and OG of Japanese artist……. Love ART for life!!   ChocomooKyoto-born illustrator “Chocomoo“. Despite her pop and creative artwork collaborating with Harajuku, Kawaii culture, originally she consider herself as to have a root in Hip Hop, Street and even Japanese traditional aesthetic with her creation. She also considered herself as a temple aficionado that her style is made out of synergy with both western pop art and the beauty of Japanese temples and shrines. Self-taught artist is also inspired by Japanese calligraphy that she used to use Chinese ink to draw pop art when she was a child. Her artwork has been collaborated with various mega brands, photographer, Continue Reading →


Monozukri or Monodukuri, those words simply mean making things in Japanese. Those ideas are one of the core principles that I would like to let you folks know. They infused with profound impression of skilled artisans putting so much effort on their work, striving for their ideal perfection regardless of time and cost. Picture those blue-collar workers, they are dusty, gritty dudes with dirty hands and stained clothing. I find those states of men as sexy as fine gorgeous lady. Pouring your heart and soul to create something is such a noble attitude I think. Toyama-based company “FUTAGAMI”, they can show their spirit of those ideas and attitudes with brass.Initially Continue Reading →